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  1. cityjohn

    Wrong Turn

    Assure them that you will correct the fare, then click the "problem with this trip" button.
  2. cityjohn

    Can I just.. "make up" that vehicle inspection?

    When I got my car done, Uber required the filled-out inspection form plus the receipt from the garage showing what I paid.
  3. cityjohn

    Please critique my spreadsheet

    Maybe one for how long you had to wait, if you're curious
  4. cityjohn

    What's that blue lighting bolt

    It lets you know higher surge fares are in effect
  5. cityjohn

    Pax threatens to report ME for her NO SHOW.

    Was she going to the chili cookoff?
  6. cityjohn

    changing from google maps to Uber Navigate

    Open app and touch the triple= at top left. Select Settings on bottom and then Navigation.
  7. cityjohn

    Should Orange county be its own "City"?

    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  8. cityjohn

    Uber USC is back!

    Won't be the first time I found a Trojan in my car
  9. cityjohn

    Should Orange county be its own "City"?

    Uber already does. Whenever I cross the county line I get logged off.
  10. cityjohn

    Question about waiting on pax

    If you do wait, leave the trip open. Just know that you'll make hardly any money doing so. Better to log back in and get a new rider.
  11. cityjohn

    Uber Vault?

    Yes. I know someone who was leasing a car and the arrangement was all Uber payments went by direct deposit to the vehicle owner. They paid the driver the difference. You just need to change the bank routing info.
  12. cityjohn

    Jeff from Wilmington NC

    Jeff I've noticed more and more kids doing the waiting thing. Especially when it's a club and they can just sit inside with their friends expecting you to come get them. Just remember that as soon as you've officially waited 5 minutes you can cancel the ride and collect the minimum fare and...
  13. cityjohn

    PAX' Preconceptions

    An all-original unmodified Prius
  14. cityjohn

    Can you drive for uber in two different states?

    I saw a PAX get picked up in LA today by an Oregon uber
  15. cityjohn

    PAX' Preconceptions

    Smile and say, "Don't worry, I can get it done in 30 minutes" Haha
  16. cityjohn

    Does our PAX rating factor into our DRIVER rating

    Anyone know? If I took a ride and the other driver gave me a 3, does that 3 factor in along with all my ratings that passengers gave me?
  17. cityjohn

    WTH? Request 29 minutes out.

    Odd that you even got matched. Requester ought to have received the "no cars available" message.