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    Congestion zone increasing area

    Hope they shoot themselves on the foot by extending the zone. With residents discount Almost all cars within the zone will be residents happy days for phd.
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    New CRB every 3 or 6 months for PHV and Taxi
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    Sick idiots are out once again

    If you can fit it in that bottle by now! I don’t think you will ever grow
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    Sincere Advice Please.

    God Will not necessarily just answer your prayers at times of crisis and hardship, you have to build a relationship in the first place. some have mentioned why is god killing? all the innocent people that have died, clearly humans are already blaming him while all of this started from humans...
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    Congestion Charge Increase and extended

    It has been on the pipeline for quite sometime! Stop giving him excuses, he is just using the gov as a scapegoat. Read this article was back in 2017 way before they introduced Cc on private hire drivers...
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    Thoughts for the weekend? Are we going to be bankrupt by Easter?

    According to the BC on here it will be Busines as usual for them! Or apparently 40% higher.
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    Hows this possible? £4 from Soho to E16

    Every now and then there is glitch in the app. it will sometimes overestimate the fare and will sometimes show ridiculous price like £4. as you have worked long enough you will realise price will always be distance+ time no matter what the fare estimate is.
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    Wearing mask 😷

    Why don’t you buy hand sanitisers? as soon as I touch their stuff I have got me anti bacteria! Job done.
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    Scumbag fined just under 2 grand for refusing guide dog.

    So a white man can never be a Muslim then!
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    This weeks and last weeks earnings so far

    Are you sure hatred is not the other way round? private hire drivers don’t feel like you guys have Taken our jobs, where’s a black drivers feels everyone out there is a Uber drivers so is taking your jobs. if we hate anything is your attitude and hypocrisy while out and about and the sense of...
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    Uber licence revoked

    I think you can change your photos from the dashboard not through the Uber app. I think some drivers probably tried changing the photos on their account and Uber found out so they got rid off them, Uber in turn have to notify TfL the drivers they deactivate and for what reason? By doing so Uber...
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    How much do you pay?

    £1398 fully com. Three years NCB. One payment, Zego insurance.
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    Busy yesterday

    Plenty of pool jobs of course.
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    Anyone hungry?

    Amazing to see people have so much time driving 13-14 hours a day, but not to a break to relax and eat. Not many realise they are digging there own grave by spending 14 hours a day driving.
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    Go low go low

    Uber are subsidising pool trips to fight the competition. It doesn’t mean driver gets paid the same, in some cases customers pay 50% less the actual fare been paid to the driver, if that makes sense.
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    This week earning

    I thought for a sec he was gonna say to you I f***ing love your ass.
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    Avoid BOLT

    Same thing happened to me, did 9 trips. As soon as they realised I’m about to do 12 trips they blocked me for 24 hours. Since that happened to me I was refusing jobs and cancelling on purpose, guess what? They blocked me for one week! How stupid? They don’t realise they could be taken to court...
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    This is human rights violation

    Although your friend might have paid £3.75 It doesn’t mean driver gets paid the same. The minimum driver gets paid for Uberpool is £6.00 for two people minus the Uber cut. It might also have been a surge while passenger price doesn’t reflect this. Since there is competition,Uber started doing...
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    When not to use sat nav?

    Arrival time might be different, but that’s the only destination we all have to arrive. Wether you like or not !
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    New player in town

    I though I was the only who though this guy must be Mr Mister reincarnated. Wow ? I don’t think anyone else can be here 24/7. Doesn’t he have a lot of time in his hands boy.