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  1. benuber

    Relief Driver for PM (Telok Blangah Area)

    Need a relief driver for PM 1700hrs - 0500hrs. Mon - Sat Sunday Full day. (I wont be driving on sunday) Toyota Vios PM me
  2. benuber

    Zello PTT online chat for SG Ubers!

  3. benuber

    Looking for relief drivers

    i need someone to take over my car rental. gave up renting. PM me
  4. benuber

    Relief driver needed

    Hi all, I looking for someone to take over my contract balance 5mths. Deposit 1k. Toyota altis
  5. benuber


    i only can drive at certain time. cos recently i took a diploma course. so night time cannot drive. need to find relief driver
  6. benuber

    Peak hour $32 & $27 cut 20%?

    It can happen if live in your car
  7. benuber


    Ok Guys, Just checked and money already my bank so can post already. this is what i got. this is my 4th week as a uber driver. 1st week: top up $172 (didnt drive for 2 days**didnt drive on wed & sun) 2nd week: top up $29 (didnt drive for 1 day***sunday**) 3rd week: get paid $122 4th week: get...
  8. benuber

    Getting lesser and lesser pings

    Is it me or the pings are getting lesser and lesser? for 2 days already i got no ping from 6-7am. and 7-8 get only 1 ping. afternoon also same.
  9. benuber


    even more confusing
  10. benuber


    THE ACCELERATOR GUARANTEE We've listened hard and carefully to your feedback on our incentives, and are delighted to launch the brand new "Accelerator Guarantee"(effective tmr 4am Mon 17 Aug). Read carefully below to learn about how it works. The Accelerator Hourly Guarantee is your new...
  11. benuber

    Durain Season

    Today i pick up a rider with durain. do u guys let the rider board? the car smell durain. next rider was angmo. Angmo comment about the durain smell. pick up also wrong,. dont pick up also sala cos the whole hour no rider and left 15mins
  12. benuber

    Peak hour $32 & $27 cut 20%?

    yeah. last week i kena. have to top up another 170 bucks... [email protected]#$%^
  13. benuber

    Peak hour $32 & $27 cut 20%?

    Hi, The peak hours $32 and $27 will cut 20%?
  14. benuber

    $32/hour. Any success?

    last week again kena only 2hours when i counted 5hours. i think really busok. when i email regarding apps or network down the reply very fast. when i email regarding incorrect calculation. no respond. on my 2nd week driving uber. guess its not as good as it seems
  15. benuber

    Data Usage - Uber Partner App

    i use iphone 5. 8 days. only data use is for uber apps. 300mb
  16. benuber

    Gaurentee peak hour failure

    i drove for 1 hour only on sat. 9am-10am - 1 trip.
  17. benuber

    Gaurentee peak hour failure

    Hi Guys, anyone know if there is a min charge to get the peak hour? not sure why i did not get the peak hour. 7/26 Sun 9am10pm $27.00/hr you did not qualify because: trips per hour (0.93) was below the required level (1)
  18. benuber

    Thinking of Starting - Need Advice

    i did though of using own car too but too much of a hassle. rent a car easier.
  19. benuber

    Car Available

    details updated
  20. benuber

    Car Available

    My car is available from 1800hrs to 0500hrs. Sat 1400hrs til monday 0500hrs sat and sunday unable to drive. PM me if any bro/sis wants to do part time. Location: Telok Blangah area.