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  1. Ltagrr4

    Uber black/Suv in North Jersey - willing to pay for help!

    Message me. I live in NB too. I'll help you out.
  2. Ltagrr4

    MetLife stadium

    Hit or miss really. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't. There's this spot right across from the light rail train where all the ubers park. Leave your car there and walk towards the stadium (better chance of getting a ping) never drive to find customers. They always walk to you. They...
  3. Ltagrr4

    Uber + / UberBLACK best times to switch?

    As of now only partners who joined uber before Feb. 13 2015 have the option to do +calls, meaning only black/SUV calls. But that will change come January 4. Only drivers with a rating of 4.80 and higher will receive black/SUV calls. Meaning if you don't have the option now and you have the car...
  4. Ltagrr4

    registration renewal

    I get the drug test reminder in the mail every year. Usually 2 months before it's due. I live in jersey.
  5. Ltagrr4

    Improper Turn?

    Honestly, I was blessed with patience. Not too many things get under my skin. So if it doesn't affect me in anyway I let it go. Meaning if someone is trying to cut me off they can go as long as that means I don't miss the light. If I see it's going to affect me making the turn or missing a light...
  6. Ltagrr4

    Improper Turn?

    lol. Ok
  7. Ltagrr4

    Improper Turn?

    # Uber Driver lives Matter
  8. Ltagrr4

    Improper Turn?

    I wish 100 years of success to you my friend.
  9. Ltagrr4

    Improper Turn?

    And for the record I'm not bashing you. I do wait here and there. Patience is a good trait to have in this business but you also have to be aggressive at times. Aggressive means breaking the law safely sometimes. That turn if done properly hurts no one but the people's ego that have been...
  10. Ltagrr4

    Improper Turn?

    lol. woah. You sound hurt. You must be one of those drivers that wait for thier turn for 4 lights and then some @@@@@@@ like myself comes and turns right away and you get stuck for 1 more light. Sorry.
  11. Ltagrr4

    Improper Turn?

    I got caught doing this. $140 dollar ticket. Insurance went up 20 bucks monthly since it was a 2 months before renewal, so it showed up on file. @@@@ it tho. One time out of the hundreds of times I done it. In this business time is money.
  12. Ltagrr4

    I celebrated hard when driver behind me got pulled over

    The guy probably just had to take a shit. Feel his pain.
  13. Ltagrr4


    You can.
  14. Ltagrr4

    Interesting JFK ride

    200 minimum from hudson county. (Dead hours, no traffic.) 175 if I like them. If not, my loss. not yours. since there is someone willing to take you for 50 bucks. I'm fine with that.
  15. Ltagrr4

    Moving to NYC

    Yes it's doable. maybe you can even add another 400-500 more to that total. BUT once you learn the system. Before that subtract 300 from your goal.
  16. Ltagrr4

    Whats the Purpose of this Forum?

    Serious question? We are uber drivers. Always around people yet always lonely. It's either this forum or getting a jerk in between rides, (and that's a sticky situation) trust me. This forum helps with stress.
  17. Ltagrr4

    Where to find ID holder for car seat to display license?

    Steal another drivers id holder. Request car. Bring luggage with you. When he gets out to help with the luggag run in the car and take his. Leave his license behind. He will have no idea. Cheaper and and fast. You'll have one by tonight. Instead of waiting for shipping.
  18. Ltagrr4

    Black Toyota Highlander

    That was me man. I'm sorry. I just had to really take a shit that day. I had eaten some cheese that didn't settle right the night before and people usually get brave when it's 3 or more people. They start asking who farted between themselves and I was scared you guys were gonna narrow it down to...
  19. Ltagrr4

    Please let me know the fee and process for getting TLC plates

    ^yes. You need commercial insurance so it can be inspected.