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    What if Uber don't appeal

    This may sound far-fetched, but I've known many big businesses down the years paint a picture of everything rosy, but close down at the last minute without telling anyone (even with employees turning up to work to find the doors locked and the shutters down). It's just a thought, but what if...
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    A12 Speed camera

    Just a quick heads up. I saw some blokes in high-vis jackets tinkering with the A12 S/bound speed camera at the junction of the A13 today. So I'm guessing it'll be up and firing, so be careful through that one.
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    Turkey know how to deal with Uber
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    My ceilings are too low.

    Had a pax yesterday, we had the following conversation: Him - Your ceilings are too low. Me - What? Him - Your ceilings are too low. Me - (after a pause) Okaaaaayyy. Well there's not much I can do about that. SILENCE FOR THE REST OF THE JOURNEY Now, I 'm a laid back driver, if a customer...
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    The Uber Games

    I was waiting on a red in the Old Kent Road the other day, surge kicked off in Southwark and all of a sudden I thought I was on the starting grid at Silverstone. Prius's flying off on the green light, more whizzing past in a desperate attempt to get there in time. They should make it a new...
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    Pddington Pick up/Drop off

    Anyone else drive into Paddington and feel like they've just wandered into a rival gangs territory? It took me right back to my yoof - Don't make eye contact. Just do what you've got to do, and get the hell out of there!
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    I shouldn't have to post this, but I'm increasingly alarmed at how many PH drivers in London, sit staring into space while an ambulance or police car, sirens blaring, lights blazing, tries to squeeze past them in the traffic. STOP BEING IDIOTS AND MOVE OVER.
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    How far out of London can we pick up?

    Just a thought... I was being pulled by jobs further and further out of London yesterday and wondered how far out I could pick someone up, and still be legal under the terms of Uber's and my license? Does anyone know? I mean, separate boroughs have separate PH licensing laws, and technically...
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    So.... what is the point of ratings? We're told to do everything we can to provide excellent service, give out water, sweets, chewing gum etc... at rock bottom wages so that we get good ratings, but as far as I can see they don't affect anything at all. Unless you're REALLY bad, or smelly (which...