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  1. Ltagrr4

    Met Gala

    Last year I made a killing during met Gala. A lot of black and SUV calls. I recall I started around 10am last year. Anybody had any luck today? I couldn't work earlier today but am thinking of going out 9pm-ish tonight.
  2. Ltagrr4


    No one has posted or mentioned anything about the new JFK update. Isn't it what you all wanted? I got the email like 3 days ago.
  3. Ltagrr4

    3 month rental

    2015 Suburban for rent. 3 month contract. Must have tlc license. Good rate for right person.
  4. Ltagrr4

    3 month rental

    Looking to rent out my 2015 Suburban for 3 months. If interested please message phone number. I will text you. Good rate for the right person.
  5. Ltagrr4


    Suburban 15 - LT So I have a 3 week vacation in December and another week and half vacation in January. I initially was gonna take the loss outta pocket, but that's a month and couple days loss. (That's hurts) so instead I'm thinking bout renting out my car for the next 2 or 3 months. I been...
  6. Ltagrr4

    $$$ Anyone live in Jersey?

    Anyone with a NJ address have their car registered in NY? I'm having a real difficult time trying to register in NY. I have insurance, did my tlc appointment, and this morning I went to dmv and they asked for "power of attorney" I called my bank and they refused to give me power of attorney...
  7. Ltagrr4

    new york insurance

    I bought a car in new York about a month ago. I live in jersey. Registration came in with jersey address. Insurance company is saying I need "power of attorney" & "certify of title" to be able to give me insurance. I called the bank that financed me and they told me I got to get a title change...
  8. Ltagrr4

    2015 suburban for rent

  9. Ltagrr4

    Best Uber Driver Alive

    What's going on fans as most of you probably already heard I am the Best Uber Slave Alive .... *Best Uber Driver Alive* (@@@@ autocorrect on my phone) Anyways I'm sorry to break it to most of you guys but I've decided to take my talents to yellow. I have a few questions, please help. - What...
  10. Ltagrr4

    The New Guy

  11. Ltagrr4

    the new guy