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  1. Nickolas

    City looks at enforcement against Uber starting City is insisting on Enforcement. This is a risky business
  2. Nickolas

    UBER -Text Messages

    I see Uber sending me 2 to 3 text messages per day urging me to get out and drive or not to stop driving when I try to Sign off. Im I a supper driver and the only one getting these text messages or we all are getting it.? Any body getting the texts?
  3. Nickolas

    Top partner Fuel discount! - Any of you got this?

    What difference can it make? Thank you for being a top partner! We know that you drive a lot of kilometres and that gas is expensive. We want to help! As a special thank you, we want to offer you an Esso Price Privileges card. With this card, you will receive a fuel discount at all Esso...
  4. Nickolas

    Toronto Uber Drivers On Average Made $3,125 In First Year
  5. Nickolas

    Uber Accused Of Price-Fixing In $150M Lawsuit By Edmonton Taxi Companies
  6. Nickolas

    PAX who ride half way and walk half

    Do some of you get these annoying PAX who request rides and half way to location then PAX bails out and prefer to walk to destination?
  7. Nickolas

    Insurance Canceled for disclosing that you use your car for Uber

    Spoke to an insurance broker who says, they have canceled a number of policies because drivers called and said they use their car for uber. I think the best place toinquire about insurance to cover you for uber would not be your present insurance provider. They will asked you specifically if...
  8. Nickolas

    TIPS: Biggest or best cash tip

    Any advise on how to request and receive tips from PAX? and what is the highest cash tip you have received so far and how often are you tipped?
  9. Nickolas

    Anyone doing the Webinar?

    Anyone doing the Webinar? Please dont forget to ask about Insurance or Liability coverage. September Webinar Series Earn More in September! Every year, September is a big month for Uber trips, and We are giving you advance notice, so that you are ready to maximize your earnings! Demand is going...
  10. Nickolas

    RIDER FEEDBACK: Please share your if you have any

    Aside from the stress of insurance confusion and on a lighter note, if you want, please share your rider feed back comment if you have any. "Very good comfortable ride" "my very first ride with Uber ....I am very impressed to get picked up in a Lincoln mkx I felt like a Rockstar! !!!!!!"...
  11. Nickolas

    PAX forgotten Item

    What happens when a PAX forgot an Item and has been notified by uber? Scenario 1: PAX is notified but doesnt contact you for item? Scenario 2: If you have to go drop Item, who pays for the cost/milage? PAX?
  12. Nickolas

    Weekly Uber Report

    Has uber stopped the weekly report? That goes... You did XX rides and had XX 5 star rating, your average rating was XX . You are below average. I didnt get mine for the week. Is it only me?
  13. Nickolas

    Bad rides or Bad riders or rider experience.

    i drove 12 mins to pick up a rider then wait 5mins to drive a rider 5mins away... CRAZY
  14. Nickolas

    What percentage do you get on a full tank of gas?

    I get 75% net on a full tank of gas. Which means if I get $100 as my net... $25 is for gas. That is tight... Given wear and tear. If I start getting less duel uber fees etc, it might not be worth it. What are you getting on a full tank? Is your milage great?
  15. Nickolas

    PAX delayed rating affects drivers negatively

    what happens to your rating if PAX does not rate you immediately? Some PAX can wait until their next ride which can be 2 weeks or more... Meanwhile uber's report will say you had 25 rides with 15 five star, your rating is x.xx which is below average. Uber cannot account for the 10 rides and...
  16. Nickolas

    Vehicle Inspection: was I just ripped off?

    Okay, Uber sent out an email that for just $20 you can get your vehicle inspected. So I know that is the cost. I showed up at recommended location. Requested testing, 10mins after I got a bill for $45, The guy showed me the website and said Uber said for up to $40. I ask him, why didnt I just go...
  17. Nickolas

    Just got approved for uberSelect

    Just got approved for UberSelect in TO, no ride yet, any advise before i hit the road? where do UberSelect riders chill out and at what time of the day?
  18. Nickolas

    I just got a "She said he said" situation last night . Account deactivated.

    Picked up an intoxicated PAX who wanted to do drops/picks at various stops. Little to no argument with PAX, kept falling and sleeping, or semi passed out. Dropped PAX, who was very happy and thank me. After about an hour, got a call from Uber that "she said" . Account will be deactivated for the...