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    Charging Riders more / less on driver trip

    It's alarming for sure !! Has anyone else had the the same experience ?
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    Ridesharing Insurance

    Thank you guys, so far we have the following: 1. Intact 2. Aviva 3. Allstate 4. Belairdirect
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    Upfront Fares

    Uber should get rid of rating crap. It's a very demoralizing process. If they really want client's feedback -- they should send feedback request to client via email or thru the riders app ...offering rewards ($2 off from Uber fee for their next ride or whatever)
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    Ridesharing Insurance

    Just updated the plate to livery Class 1-55, and now it does make sense to shop around for ridesharing insurance (beside the insurance policy from Uber which covers while on Uber trip). I'm with TD Meloche and they do not offer ridesharing insurance at this moment. Please advise other companies...
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    Beware Uber drivers of being ticketed @ 10567$

    Looks like we have no choice but to get commercial livery plate on our own expense. So we can keep our own plate under the private insurance (for me it's RBC) and when we drive for Uber we need to put the livery plate which I assume will be covered by the Uber insurance (that can be accedes...
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    Mail regarding commercial registration

    Hmm.. now I am totally confused as it appears two different opinion. Can someone please shed some light on it.
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    Mail regarding commercial registration

    Wondering if I need to replace support the troop plate or they will just give a special sticker to put on it?
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    Guarantees & Promotions

    I was not invited to this neither by text or email :(
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    Guarantees & Promotions

    Contacted UBER support and now they are asking me to provide proof of eligibility and/or a screenshot showing I accepted and participated in this incentive. No doubt I opted 100%... also remember seeing the "CONFIRMED: Weekend Guarantees (July 15 - 17)" message when the link took me to the...
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    Guarantees & Promotions

    Yes, I was invited and opted in for the guaranteed promotions. I've checked but nothing under OTHER PAYMENTS and promotions. I fall within the 75% bracket.
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    Guarantees & Promotions

    I think I've averaged 1 trip/hour for the last Friday and Saturday. Here is the breakdown: Friday I started at 6:45pm and worked until 3:15 am, completed 9 trips. And on Saturday I started at 9:45 pm and worked until 3:15 am, completed 6 trips. Just checked on the EARNINGS tab, for the week of...
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    Great last day of Uber

    Good luck to you posts were very helpful.
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    Guarantees & Promotions

    It says must complete at least 1 trip/hour -- what if we are at a slow area and waiting for the next trip....and there is none for the hour or two? Hope they keep the promise guaranteeing $/hr regardless. At the West side...I was waiting for almost 2 hours, no trip.
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    Guarantees & Promotions

    Would you mind sharing the original link with the above information (if it's from UBER). Thank you in advance.
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    UBER minimum fare before/after July 1st

    Does any one know/remember what was the minimum fare before July 1, 2016 ? This is the current (after July 1) fare list...uberX = $4.90, uberXL = $7.50 and uberSELECT = $7.50
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    UBER insurance - is there any cap limit to 20 hours

    So far it looks like UBER has arranged the insurance on our behalf, referring to Ramit's post on UBER Newsroom Wondering, for part timers like us - is there any cap for 20 hours a week OR is it per trip basis?
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    Uber Restart - July 1

    I don't think it's a new was there and most of us have had that experience who drove UBER before they suspended their operation.
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    Dual Dashcam Suggestion

    That will be awesome if I can do that. But how would you that ? If I'm not asking much - would you mind sharing pic of your dashboard setup.
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    Dual Dashcam Suggestion

    Bought one from Amazon, but this one is mainly to record front and rear view. Second lense is meant for rear view installation and recording. I wanted one to record inside the car. Well, I guess I should have done my due diligence instead falling for this one. Hoping Amazon will take it back and...
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    Cost Class 4 licence to be driver UBER/TAPPCAR/TAXIS

    ayanle - let me thank you first for such an informative post. I'm a bit curious about the Class 4 road test. Have you had to take any training on road from professional driving institute? How hard was the test?