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  1. vicdella80

    "Tips are Appreciated"

    would putting this sign in my car get me in trouble if uber found out about it?
  2. vicdella80

    driver in philly looking to possibly move to denver/denver area

    so i'm putting plans in motion to move out to denver in the next few drivers do well out there? i'd be coming out possibly before i search for a job and using uber/lyft to get by full time til a good job comes along also, has anyone ever moved to another state while driving for...
  3. vicdella80

    is the app messed up or is there no surge at all tonight?

    weird for a friday night that i'm not even getting any yellow spots...?
  4. vicdella80

    trips not recording

    This happening to anyone else right now? Pretty pissed cause surges are consistent tonight and I stopped driving cause of this bullshit
  5. vicdella80

    I mean is this really my problem?

  6. vicdella80

    Has uber responded with any kind of statement to the strike?

    sorry, too lazy to look through the rest of the forum :)
  7. vicdella80

    went from getting 4 cancellations at 2 am to this nugget

    The surges on my map were saying 2.8ish and when I got the ping it said 4.7...has anyone else's maps been all wonky? More times than not all the surges will disappear from view on my map or be way off from what the map indicates, this time we'll in my favor. Anyways from around 150 to 205 I got...
  8. vicdella80's the shore?

    @@@@ this pope's wildwood? I Was Thinking Of Taking A Ride Out there
  9. vicdella80

    chopped up surge zone

    is this a permanent thing or just for the pope weekend?
  10. vicdella80

    anyone else get get this text?

    Uber: over the next few days, the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission will be performing regular vehicle checks. The PUC requires that all Uber partners display the Uber 'U' placard in their windshield whenever using the Uber platform, and they could issue you a ticket for failure to...
  11. vicdella80

    When do guarantees get posted?

    First time i did a guarantee for uber last a text yesterday about a $22/hr guarantee from 5-8pm...when does it show up? as of right now it only has my regular earnings up
  12. vicdella80

    Best times on Mondays and Tuesdays to drive?

    I pretty much decided for the most part that it's no longer worth working these days since it's pretty dead after 5pm and i have a day job...but i need to make a little extra this week so I'm prob gonna work a little bit tonight...what time period is worth it?
  13. vicdella80

    anybody else's trips not being recorded right now?

    I just did two fairly long trips with one at a 2.7 surge and neither are showing up in my ride history. this happening to anyone else right now? Hoping it's a glitch on their end and will eventually show up
  14. vicdella80

    First I'm hearing about guarantees?

    Didn't know about them until i just read about them in another thread...when are they/how do they work?
  15. vicdella80

    Best weekday times to work?

    Just started Friday and did pretty well for the weekend...having a hard time picking the right spots during the week though?
  16. vicdella80

    so i started today, and the account got my name wrong

    how do i chance this? it gave me the female version of my name...