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  1. rtaatl

    The Return of Freaknik?!?!?!

    Get a load of! Yet I feel insulted kids these days have the nerve to call a club party Freaknik...either way given all the other events going on labor day weekend it's going to be a hot mess...
  2. rtaatl

    So The Driverless Car Can Drive....But Can It Sit?

    With all the recent hype surrounding Uber's driverless car (with people still in it) being released in Pittsburgh; let's focus on some things that "other dude in the car" has to manage. So what happens after a drop? Does the car keep moving or does it park itself? Where would it go? Does the...
  3. rtaatl

    Uber driver just begged me for gas money

    No kidding....said he just started a new "job" that's going to require a lot of driving. His phone hanging in the window kinda gave it away. These drivers aren't ready to deal with holiday slowdowns. He'll be losing the slacks and collared shirt real soon...if he doesn't lose the Dodge Charger...
  4. rtaatl

    City Council Meeting Proposal 3/30....if anyone is interested in reading through them. Here's the link to the pdf download. Two interesting things in it...limousines are not allowed to act as taxicabs (what a contradiction to Uberblack) and it looks like airport badges are going away (maybe). Enjoy...
  5. rtaatl

    That moment you know you're doing something right

    You know what felt good yesterday? Papa 20yearsdriving EcoboostMKS TwoFiddyMile Dropping off the wife and daughter of Shane (owner of Shane's Rib Shack) at the Justin Bieber concert for $175 ($150 +$25 tip) and seeing the Uber drivers look of misery while their "too cool for school" bratty...
  6. rtaatl

    Kudos to Discount Tire

    Just thought I'd share some personal experiences over the past two years dealing with them. Yes you'll pay about the average retail price, but given the free rotations I save about $300 over the life of the tire. For most of us this is one year. Also in the past I've had a habit of getting...
  7. rtaatl

    Thank you crazy Kalamazoo UberX killer

    So I make a 9pm drop from the airport for my regular business. Turn on the Uber app just for fun...since usually Uberblack is dead. Whaddayaknow, I get 4 pings consecutively, gross about $225 in a little over 2.5 hours. That never happens here in Atlanta on a regular Tuesday night. Guess regular...
  8. rtaatl

    Taxi driver picks up ghosts of 2011 tsunami

    Here's an eerie story:
  9. rtaatl

    Luxor Black Car App?!?!

    I've recently been getting their emails. Any thoughts and have they launched in other cities yet.
  10. rtaatl

    Mercedes Benz Metris - just might be a good SUV alternative

    Saw one of these the other day and looked it up. It was introduced in America Oct 2015. Maybe with the right upfitter this could be a viable option for livery operators. But yes, I'd definitely change out the seats and customize it...
  11. rtaatl

    The "Sharing Economy" creates problems like this.

    This is why we have regulation for transportation and lodging:
  12. rtaatl

    What's with this red dot at the top middle of my map

    Been a minute since I've last logged in and now there's this red dot top middle of the map taking up even more space. Not to mention I don't need a welcome screen at the bottom. Thanks Uber for making everything more complicated for no reason...appreciate it. I'm guessing they did this top...
  13. rtaatl

    Uber removing flat airport rates on Black Car

    Just got a text saying starting Friday there will be no more flat rates to/from airport. Not really a bad idea from an Uberblack standpoint since $3.25/mile equates at or more than the flat rate. Unless that means Uber is working on something else to screw over black car soon enough. Guess we'll...
  14. rtaatl

    This is really weird

    What kind of zone is this and since when did things expand all the way past Macon...strange
  15. rtaatl

    Special UberBlack Announcement...(lol!)

    From the months of April til July UberBlack is going to be UberYellow thanks to all this damn pollen blowing around here in Georgia. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter because I'll be damned if I'm sending my car through the wash twice a day. Coming down here this stuff is...
  16. rtaatl

    This is Ridiculous...

    Logged into my Uber black account for the first time in almost 2 months and what do I see...since Uber operations got rid of the town cars (Atlanta) this January they have since then on boarded a bunch of SUVs. In fact I think I'm maybe one of 3 black "cars" in the entire city...what the hell...
  17. rtaatl

    Anyone else getting these spam emails from Uber

    I wonder if they're starting to have trouble getting people to drive or because I haven't logged in for over a month. Either way this is kind of weird...and who would only want one night in!
  18. rtaatl

    UberSUV turning into UberBlack?

    We know that SUV can accept Black calls and I'm sure other markets are like this, but I've noticed since the deletion of town cars most vehicles on Black now are SUVs. This 'Uber cross-contamination' is getting ridiculous. I don't see how it's makes sense to drive a Yukon/Suburban at cheaper...
  19. rtaatl

    Pinch Me...Uber is Actually Doing Something Right.

    I've been hoping for this for some time and someone in operations actually implemented it. I hope other cities get the same thing because the current system isn't fair. Maybe I'll actually wait by the airport now.
  20. rtaatl

    Show your faces...if you!

    There's probably been a thread like this created in the past, but I didn't run across any so here goes. No shame in my game...this is me. Why hide behind the! Let's see who follows...