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  1. M

    Pay cut and ridiculous low offer since last month

    More restaurants are reporting slow delivery time. Uber cut pay since July during pandemic. This is why we decline a lot of calls with ridiculous low offers until it hit one hour mark when uber pays fairly. Uber should be shame of themself and restaurants and customers suffer when they keep...
  2. Oscar Levant

    UberEats just cut our pay ( right? ) is GrubHub better?

    Before to day, I never saw anything less than $3.75 ( San Diego prices ) and today, I'm seeing $3. as the bottom. That mean every trip is now a buck or so less. well, when you do 20 trips a day, that crap adds up to maybe $100 or more a week cut in pay. that sucks. So, does Grubhub pay more?
  3. itendstonight

    Pay cut!

    DC went from .66$ per mile to .60$ per mile. So if you drive 25,000 miles a tea, very doable full time, enjoy your $1,500 pay cut! Uber on! Less pay means more money!
  4. Bobbyk5487

    Charlotte got a pay cut

    ...what a book instructs the good people of uber to do to its drivers....but in cased you missed it, drivers in Charlotte just got a 10 percent pay cut....we already are making what cabs made per mile in 1940...we marched.. protested ..went to the news...went on strike and in the end they...
  5. Mista T

    Eats pay cut

    Another pay cut in my market.
  6. espizarro83

    UberEats sudden pay cut

    I am doing some deliveries in the Caguas area and it has been busy. But from yesterday the pay was halved and now the pay is very low. Most people tip though
  7. R

    Uber eats pay cut

    Looks like uber eats drivers got their all ready too low pay cut......who can afford to do deliveries for $3.10 ? The new structure cut my all ready low pay to 25% less and its day 1....might be time to go for me...any thoughts on new pay structure for delivery??
  8. A


    i started eats at the beginning. deliveries were curbside. since that time they have increased our responsibilities (deliver to door) and cut eats pay about 50% overall. meanwhile the cost of living is only soaring higher day by day. i hardly accept any orders now when the apps on, have to...
  9. D

    Here comes the annual pay cut

    True to form, Uber is modifying how they present the information to drivers in a prelude to a crafty pay cut. Most of us have talked about this as it relates to the death of surge, CTB’S, and more.
  10. Nats121

    New Lyft Pay Cut being discussed at Lyft Forum

    Lyft has decided to revive Travis' "lower pay rates means higher earnings" scam with a new twist.
  11. A

    Anyone else's market with recent pay cut very busy the last couple weeks?

    Since our most recent pay cut in my market it's been non stop busy for the most part on UE. I'm declining well more than half the orders due to distance, cancelling a ton (mostly accepting in error doing something else on my phone) or small stupid orders. Tips have also started to tank. It's...
  12. DEvok

    Overdue fine do I only pay half?

    I just received a notice for a fine which is now over due, I was expecting the new lettter to be cut in half according to information, do I just do pay half for it specifically? As it is asking for me to pay the full amount.
  13. Nats121

    Uber Eats is using stacked orders as a new massive pay cut and deception to get drivers to accept stacked requests

    ...full delivery fees for each order and charge restaurants the full 30% commission for each order while paying drivers MUCH LOWER RATES than they would if the orders were delivered separately. Thus, another pay cut by Uber on top of the 40%+ pay cut Uber instituted last November in most markets.
  14. Another Uber Driver

    New Lyft Pay Cut being discussed at Lyft Forum

    We are getting a one-two punch pay cut. First, they cut the cancellation fee. Now, there is this pay cut.
  15. Crosbyandstarsky

    Uber pay cut

    I recieved a notice uber is cutting our pay by 10 percent on March 6 th except for rides in the immediate city. I rarely drive downtown and if you do they go home out of the city. . We already make 30 percent less than the lower paid cities. I’m done
  16. UbeRoBo

    Current Rates

    It's been pay cut after pay cut after pay cut since day one. The spineless collective continues to foolishly accepted and agreed to each and every cut. I'm surprised it hasn't been cut further because the ants would still show up in force no matter how low the rate goes.
  17. Forrest Gump All American

    Catastrophic pay cut

    The only relevant question with Uber Eats is why are any drivers still doing deliveries when they just cut our pay by 30%. I'll wait right here for a cogent response. I won't hold my breath, considering the fact that most posts on this forum consists of whining about ticky-tack problems that...
  18. Jo3030

    New Lyft Pay Cut being discussed at Lyft Forum

    Just when you thought they couldn't cut anymore..
  19. UbeRoBo

    Surge in vegas

    ...shakes it's head in disgust and the spineless collective of TNC ants who do absolutely nothing to improve working conditions for labor. In fact, they do the exact opposite by continuing to sell out as they foolishly accept pay cut after pay cut after pay cut. Really people...shame on you all.
  20. Jvc21

    Current Rates

    I stopped when it was getting below 1.15 a mile. I still can’t believe the minimum is at that rate. So it appears that people are still applying anyway..yikes.