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    AR and Cancellation Rate

    Do these matter anymore. I’m hearing conflicting reports. I have 65% AR and 5 % Cancellation
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    Did the airport queue P get removed for anyone else

    I would always hit to see how many cars were in the queue. Today it has disappeared from my app. Only can see queue once I pull into designated area. Which is bs because I base whether I’m going or not off of it
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    Missing 4 hour trip (7 days now)

    Have a missing trip from 11/25 now it’s going on 7 @@@@ing days since I’ve not been paid. Uber support is @@@@ing worthless. Talking to a manager is at least a 45 min wait and their just as worthless. Pay me my @@@@ing money
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    How do I get into contact with review team?

    Long story short having missing trip of 4 hours on Monday. It’s now been 7 days. They acknowledge trip when I call and complain and say there is delay in system. Someone said something about talking to review team how do I do this? And should I go to green hub? Nearest is 3 and half hours away?
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    4 Hour trip missing since Monday

    Uber support has to be the most worthless bunch of people I’ve ever seen. Had 4 hr trip missing since Monday and all they can say is there’s a problem in the system. It must be engineering problem, and still haven’t been paid. This is @@@@ing outrageous
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    Been 3 days still missing long trip

    Called uber multiple times and they gimme the whole system is delayed it’s coming. How long does it freaking take?
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    Long trip, Uber has held it for 40 hours so far

    Did a ride that was 4 hours. Still haven’t been paid, anyone know how long this takes. It’s been 40 hours
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    Airport queue

    How many rides can you decline in queue and not get sent to the back of the line? Is it worth declining as many as you need to for a long trip? If you have xl do you only do xl? Or keep x on too? And you can’t do queue and set destination right?