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  1. Jdemonto

    Post pandemic business travel could be down 20% permanently

  2. Jdemonto

    Rip Select

    Not sad to see it go could boost Black! I am still offline for a back ground check which the app was fixed 07/22
  3. Jdemonto

    If your on PUA....

    If your thinking about coming off PUA....think again! Scottsdale is full of anti-maskers about 20% tonight had masks on! If you drive your going to get the virus!
  4. Jdemonto

    Lyft pivots back to old rates!

    Well that didn’t last long! #lyftrates
  5. Jdemonto

    Republican national convention

    This could be a great shot in the arm!
  6. Jdemonto

    Black SUV crash OTS

    Looks like it’s from Saba I can’t imagine renting one right now! Stolen?
  7. Jdemonto

    Statewide Curfew starting at 8pm

    Any violation of the curfew will result in six months of jail with a fine of $2500 as it will be a class 1 misdemeanor.
  8. Jdemonto

    The reopening of Arizona has begun

    Great news!
  9. Jdemonto

    MLB considers starting season at spring training facilities

    This could be a big win for us!
  10. Jdemonto

    T3 rideshare update

    Rideshare has been extended a few nights ago
  11. Jdemonto

    Testing out comfort

    Seems pretty quiet this morning, taking the Continental for a spin and comfort seems to pay pretty close to XL. Just about $2 less.
  12. Jdemonto

    Merry Christmas🎄

    I wish everyone happy holidays!🎅🏻 Enjoy your family today🎁
  13. Jdemonto

    Pax car Damage

    Be careful when submitting damage claims. Some how Uber has infinite wisdom on fake claims. my rear bumper was damaged my a pax today at the airport, Specifically it was the hitch cover. I load and unload all luggage, but the passenger managed to kick the luggage with the handle deployed into...
  14. Jdemonto

    51 north closed at mini stack

    Looks bad
  15. Jdemonto

    Gap insurance claim

    My daughter wrecked my man van in August in period 2 of the trip. She was “At fault” because she rear ended another driver on the closed 101. Car in front swerved without breaking leaving her litttle time to react. Progressive was simple and they totaled my van. I owed $10,600 and they paid...
  16. Jdemonto

    Say good bye to the long haul!

    I think if you confirm the route ahead it could avoid any possible conflict. It’s passed off as safety but it’s to end the long haul! I don’t long haul anymore but I do take routes that avoid traffic or redundancy.
  17. Jdemonto

    Shorter wait time zones

    The opportunity zones are a joke! These new gray zones I haven’t tried so it looks like just a way to kill possible surge by placing drivers where they are needed at the time.
  18. Jdemonto

    Breaking News:Lyft makes big changes to high end services!

    Your car may no longer qualify after September! You must now have a 4.85 rating Chrysler 300 is gone Lux and up! Major changes to Black!
  19. Jdemonto

    R plate

    So who’s getting one?
  20. Jdemonto

    Terminal 3 update!

    Terminal 3 will be cutting edge! I might need to start having lunch there!