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  1. Charlie Schwartz

    Rental Recommendations in NYC

    ive got no complaints with American lease. just be aware that theyre bronx based. if u need to speak with someone about an issue, u'll have to haul up to the bronx. their other offices arent authoritative.
  2. Charlie Schwartz

    Long-Term TLC Lawyer (Traffic Violations/Summons/Tickets)

    yes, his website does say that. so, what exactly is a tlc safety hearing? so he does one particular type of tlc hearing, whatever exactly it is. does that make him a go-to guy for tlc hearings? i dont think so. have you used him for tlc court? have you even spoken to him about it? because i tell...
  3. Charlie Schwartz

    Long-Term TLC Lawyer (Traffic Violations/Summons/Tickets)

    You've probably heard of "TLC court" - you know, the court that always finds you guilty unless you agree to a settlement? It's not really a court. From wiki: "In many (but not all) cases, the word tribunal implies a judicial (or quasi-judicial) body with a lesser degree of formality than a...
  4. Charlie Schwartz

    Long-Term TLC Lawyer (Traffic Violations/Summons/Tickets)

    Are u looking for a traffic court lawyer or a TLC tribunal lawyer. most of those guys methinks are ordinary traffic court lawyers and wouldnt be any good if u had to fight a tlc summons. but it sounds like a traffic court lawyer is what ur really looking for. or is it?
  5. Charlie Schwartz

    Can i take pax from nyc to massachusets

    you could have done a round trip. asked hom ti change the destination when you get to mass, take screenshot b4 and after to prove they asked you to do a round trip, wouldve probably been about 400 in the app anyways if it was to boston or near there
  6. Charlie Schwartz

    NJ strikes again....

    time to stop dependignwhere and when i either turn on filter, go straight back on the fastest route, or head dead to my favorite spots and cherrypick
  7. Charlie Schwartz

    Whats the current uber rate in nyc

    the rates they show you are the rates you get. you keep 100% now. this is as of May 19
  8. Charlie Schwartz

    Bicycle crashed into my car...

    sinc ewhen does uber offer dashcams
  9. Charlie Schwartz

    Dont follow the money

    i prefer ice cream
  10. Charlie Schwartz

    Offering mints and water with upcoming tipping option?

    no different than lyft...
  11. Charlie Schwartz

    Anyone catch a whale??

    wish i could show my 2 minutes, .35 miles, $9.1 one. Commonplace, but fun. But I dont feel like scrubbing out the identifying info,
  12. Charlie Schwartz

    Dont follow the money

    jim, in all honesty i believed all that for many years (because thats what ive always been told), and i was convinced that i was truly happy with the way my life was. then one day things changed for the better and i realized i had never really been happy before. then i thought about things and...
  13. Charlie Schwartz

    Dont follow the money

    i disagree. if that were true nobody would ever seek to better their life. i think internal happiness is much more effective than external, but you cant deny that people are happier and forever grateful when some problem in their life goes away.
  14. Charlie Schwartz

    LGA checkpoint ?

    its very confusing in bx and harlem when ur waiting for a pax and someone comes over and u think its the pax but no its a street hail
  15. Charlie Schwartz

    looking car $200-$400

    one wonders how much of king d's posts are done for SEO purposes. i once googled drive uber nyc his website is on first page of google. in my opinion bit shady since his sign up page doesnt redirect to uber sign up page. dont know what his game is but hopefully nothing malicious. he's been...
  16. Charlie Schwartz

    Dont follow the money

    "Nobody makes 600k a year, because after you deduct mortgage, property tax, vacation, luxury car fees, caviar and foie gras, personal helicopter and cheuffer, lobbyists, golf club membership, art collections, he will only be making 599k"
  17. Charlie Schwartz


    lyft is doing a lot better. losing lots of money but not nearly on the scale of uber. a likely scenario is uber declares banktrupcy within the next 2 years. the Uber lyft price war is over, no company will ever subsidize rides to gain market share again, Lyft is the only real survivor. Lyft...
  18. Charlie Schwartz

    Need Advice .. about to take the plunge :(

    i am happy with american lease. they (may have) forced me to rent their most expensive car "because the other car just got back and needs repairs and wont be ready until tomorrow" but it was still cheaper than buggy and i havent had any problems with them.
  19. Charlie Schwartz

    $200 in 9h

    say you made 1000 in the week. subtract 425 for rental fee, 75 for gas leaves you with 500. Your 1000 "includes 50 in tolls" which will show up in your ezpass bill so 450. then 15% self employment tax so 390 left for the income tax. thats less than a 9-5 job on $10/hr, as we all know, and that...
  20. Charlie Schwartz

    Proof Uber overcharges Passengers

    for the record. i think uber treats drivers the best these days. not because they want to, but because they've been forced to. when pax ask me which app is the best to drivers, i tell them uber. lo-commission and referral money doesnt overcome my reluctance to give business to other apps. i do...