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  1. DreamCity305

    No more LUX

    If you’re a LUX/LUX SUV driver, go to the bottom of the page of the e-mail Uber sent you and take the survey. Tell them not to do it and to end Premier instead. Uber Management is always @@@@ing things up 🤨. We make more with LUX than Premier and they know it but they want a bigger cut with...
  2. DreamCity305

    Driver's no more ; Uber knows the future and Toyota

    That's Japan though. They love automation and innovation. They even sell you condoms and panties out of vending machines lol. Besides, there're a lot of technologies that are old in Japan and Americans don't use it (Maglev) or are just starting to adapt (Knightscope). Tokyo feels like a city...
  3. DreamCity305

    Having issues activating Lux/Lux SUV

    That's insane. I couldn't do it. It still hurts a little when it's dead and I switch to X to go home.
  4. DreamCity305

    Driver's no more ; Uber knows the future and Toyota

    Check how supermarkets with escalators load shopping carts. Besides, all of these driverless programs aren't gonna be ready any time soon, so chill. Even if the cars are ready, you just don't role a new technology overnight. Also, it shouldn't be a surprise that Uber wants to get rid of...
  5. DreamCity305

    When does the “slow season” end?

    After thanksgiving. You can tell the difference during Art Basel in the first week of December. Before that, the only other time I would dare driving X would be Halloween night. I've mostly seen the opposite. The app says 50 cars in the queue and when I go there're like 200 cars in the lot...
  6. DreamCity305

    Uber LUX is dead. This earnings statement is sad.

    Told you Aventura was slow. Did you stay at the mall all the time? I turned on the app too late tonight. It's usually a bust when I do that. I went around the block and passed by the mall around 8:30pm. There were 4 LUX there. 3 parked by the entrances and one going around so I knew I was gonna...
  7. DreamCity305

    Uber LUX is dead. This earnings statement is sad.

    So that makes 3 Lux Drivers, out of Aventura, with more than 3 years of experience each, that make less combine than Robkaaa's friend sitting in her apartment. Uhmm, isn't that interesting? Now, I'm not saying you can't make money in Miami but Aventura is dead. And it's been like that for about...
  8. DreamCity305

    Uber LUX is dead. This earnings statement is sad.

    That’s the thing. It’s not only me, it’s my cousin, too. And we know where to go here. There’s a reason why we’ve been doing LUX for 2+ years (3+ years in his case). But you’re telling me this lady, from her apatment, is making more than us combine in Aventura? While we’re here in the same area...
  9. DreamCity305

    Uber LUX is dead. This earnings statement is sad.

    I’m not trying to be pessimistic but how can someone out of Aventura make more money than two drivers that also live in the area combined? We live in different residentials and when we go out looking for passengers, we don’t go to the same spots. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made $1000+ before but...
  10. DreamCity305

    Uber LUX is dead. This earnings statement is sad.

    I've decided not to drive this week as my previous two weeks were horrible. I asked my cousin about his week, and he showed me this: Before you'll start typing (this also goes to the Uber spies in this forum), here's some specific info about these past weeks and some basic info about us...
  11. DreamCity305

    Pool when on X And Lux,,?

    Never say never. Uber is known to be bipolar. I don't know if that works. I ended in a dead zone for LUX so I switched to UberX to go home. I've received 5 pools in a row and didn't take any of them. My 6th one was X and took me about 15 mins from my house. I called the nigh off before I got...
  12. DreamCity305

    Pool when on X And Lux,,?

    That's not gonna be necessary as, since they started sending me pools, I haven't accepted a single one of them and I'm not planning to until they opt me out again like I was. My rate went down to 62% today and I don't care what Uber says. Here is someone smart. Now, to all of you who wants...
  13. DreamCity305

    Pool when on X And Lux,,?

    Uber is starting 2018 with this bull!! Same here. I opted out more than a year ago, with this same car, and didn’t received any pool requests until last Saturday. They have more than enough UberX drivers out there to do Pool. Now they wanna make LUX drivers also do pool? F… out of here. I'm...
  14. DreamCity305

    This is not fair for riders.

    hahaha This is so true. I see how this week a lot people don't have a problem posting their pay stubs but a few weeks ago they were complaining about how Uber sucks. Art week is just that, a week. Don't let a good week out of a year make you forget how Uber is ripping you off. Think about this...
  15. DreamCity305

    Uber banned from London

    How can there be 40,000 drivers who depend on Uber? Last time I checked, nobody makes a living off this, this is just a "side hustle", right Uber??
  16. DreamCity305

    Lux is dead (even worse than before)

    Yeah, when I started it was called Uber Select. I used to sit at home and get a pin from The Turnberry or the mall quick. Not anymore. When they made Uber "legal" I started noticing that there were more LUX drivers in Aventura than X many times. Even when I'm not working, I check the app and...
  17. DreamCity305

    Lux is dead (even worse than before)

    I live in Aventura and I noticed how packed the area was Friday so I finally decided to turn the app on since Irma. I was online for 8 hours and only got one lux ride in the amount of $11. So I went home thinking Saturday would be better. Saturday = $40 dollars and only because I've switched to...
  18. DreamCity305

    I finally got one

    Nothing is gonna happen to you if you reported to Uber. I've kicked out passengers in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county. From rude people and drug dealers to scammers. I reported them right away and nothing happened. I've been driving for more than two years and I've learned to put me...
  19. DreamCity305

    Beware ! Pool ride + stop new requests = throttling

    You, sir, deserve an award lol
  20. DreamCity305

    Just got a ping...

    Things are so slow on LUX that even if you request me with Big Foot I would take you :D