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    Any good car for sale ?

    Lol it’s for my son. I have a 2015 suburban that’s bout to fall off soon any day now
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    Any good car for sale ?

    Anyone got good deals for 2020 accord sport?
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    Another $900 is coming on sep 25

    It is my son got lucky and got the preorder and resold on it eBay for 850$. 1600722937 I been playing LA Noire on my sons ps4 lol 😂
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    Preassigned jobs program ?

    I started my driving career with skyline being a in house hummer driver for them. I been with another base for the rest of my life (20+ years) I transferred from them in October 2013 when uber was giving 1k$ to transfer bases. Then transferred back to my base December 2016. Why you didn’t join...
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    Preassigned jobs program ?

    You drive for concord?
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    Dozens of Taxis block off Brooklyn Bridge !

    Hey I’ve been driving fhv for 20 + years, not a newbie. My bro in laws drove yellow for 12-13 yrs before switching to uber. Yes I know it was a waste of time and coming back empty for them. And yes I know it’s risky because You got fare hoppers that go to the outer boroughs
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    Dozens of Taxis block off Brooklyn Bridge !

    The city screwed them point blank lol. They’re immigrants who barely know how to read and write and the city @@@@ed then over by allowing uber/lyft to dump 150k cars on to the road. The ppl who brought medallions in late 2012/early 2013/14 made dumb decisions cus that’s when uber started taking...
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    Preassigned jobs program ?

    Haven’t been in tune with bases anymore like that. I know my base does morning jobs, meaning the day before u would know if u would get a job around 7 pm. but check out black car magazine
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    Most bases now use vouchers... barely any cash. 1599063275 So he could stay off the books and not show as much tax. My base pre uber days was heavy in cash back in those days
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    Suck It Yanks!!!! :(

    They are in fact playing in buffalo this year. And idk what’s up w my yanks... losing to the rays, 7 game losing streak, 3 close game w the Mets, and all their star players getting injured 😢
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    Facts a certain few of ya be arguing too much if Democrats/republicans are better... this ain’t the point of the thread 😒
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    Anyone else having problems with maskless pax?

    Facts bro. They SERIOUSLY need to enforce the mask agenda. Idk why some ppl think they’re so privileged just to put that shit on. If your ass could go outside, your ass definitely can wear a mask.
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    G. Floyed might be overdosed

    Mavs would be up 3-1 if refs didn’t throw out Porizingis in the first game
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    License on hold questions

    Shit you worked for groundlink for 8 years?!?! How much did you spend to grease those petty dispatchers over there 😂
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    How much are you earning?

    I made 200$ in 7 hours on lyft last Monday after they stopped the 600$ but I haven’t been out since then.
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    I will grab my popcorn and read this 14 page thread 🌝
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    Trump Signs Executive Orders

    Idk why that grandpa always complaining. Maybe cus elite raping his ass with them tablet charges. Or maybe that 2012 GL 450 giving him headaches 😂
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    Make NYC UP Great Again

    damn I’ve been here the longest and I get no recognition 🤬
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    Isaias storm

    Fuber you moved from queens to LI?
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    Who’s ready to buy medallions

    You said forex ... are you one of the IML marketing scammers lol 😂