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  1. PioneerXi

    Lyft is Hiring

    Looking for an Ops Manager for their bicycle and scooter division. Advertised for 1 day, already 87 applicants. Lyft: Operations Manager
  2. PioneerXi

    When California Shuts Down Tonight...

    Ubers lawyers in NJ are now calling CA drivers requesting drivers to advocate on behalf of Uber. SMH
  3. PioneerXi

    When California Shuts Down Tonight...

    :::schedules an Uber for October 9 from San Diego Forums to DC forums::: Judge throws out Uber’s proposal, signaling (good grief, another) possible shut down in California. I’m prepared...
  4. PioneerXi


    Late to add from San Diego... I heard a loud snap which woke me, and felt two “waves” . First was the El Monte, then a minute later a smaller quake in Julien, east of SD. The two occurrences drew some of neighbors out into the street.
  5. PioneerXi

    Still no 300 ;c

    And just to add to the confusion... I went to the EDD site and there is no record of payment. However, when I log into my BOA EDD Card site, payment was made two (2) days ago. How @@@@ed up is EDD when they have no record of making the payment, but the bank does?
  6. PioneerXi

    Bruce Willis or James Bond? 🤔

    Went to edit my post and deleted in error.
  7. PioneerXi

    uber vs Me i win with my empty threats :D

    Uber: Our decision is final. MUGA: I have your people recorded claiming it was Covid. Uber (ducking for cover): Our decision is not final. As I* understand ADA law if Uber does anything else - up to any including deactivation, it’s classified as “retaliation”. Well done, MUGA. *Not a lawyer...
  8. PioneerXi


    News from Los Angeles....Halloween has been cancelled.
  9. PioneerXi

    LA just cancelled Halloween
  10. PioneerXi

    it's 107 degrees...

    3 miles from the #vallleyfire,
  11. PioneerXi

    Holiday weekend coming up

    At 12:30pm in my carport in East County... Stay safe and drink H2O.
  12. PioneerXi

    Holiday weekend coming up

    I was looking over my numbers from the past two years: 2019: 2 scheduled rides East County to Airport (Uber 1, Lyft 1) 6 outbound rides from airport. (Shortest PB, longest Corona) Mostly Friday 1 cleaning fee (Sand $30) 1 Saturday trip to LAX (and nothing back until I got to Laguna Nigel)...
  13. PioneerXi

    Uber in a movie

    Corolla. Sun bleached paint peeling off. Rear bumper damaged. Scuffed rims. Mud in wheel wells and on side of car. Black hand marks where trunk has been closed. Fluffy dice from rear vision mirror. eBay bought Uber light and pink moustache out front. Driver with hairy chest, unbuttoned shirt...
  14. PioneerXi


    @Seth619navy Sept 1 County eased restrictions. Re hairdressers, 25% capacity, reservations needed. Businesses have to have to have their Covid plan on the entry.
  15. PioneerXi

    Fortune:Amazon Drivers Hang Phones In Trees game the system.
  16. PioneerXi


    Monday in the San Diego UP forums. Once upon a time, the alarm went off at 4am. Brushed teeth, combed hair, dressed, and out the door. By 4:30am I’m picking up the first ride of the day to the airport. Today, the alarm has been turned off, and I rise when the sunlight breaks through. A casual...
  17. PioneerXi

    California begin issuing $300 a week in unemployment benefits on September 7

    Reading this....those that qualify get $300 for three weeks. Then...any additional funds is subject to the availability of funds. Conclusion: anyone who had any form of “delay” in payments of PUA from the EDD *, may not receive anything beyond the first three weeks because.... if EDD couldn’t...
  18. PioneerXi


    I was in Walgreens today and staff were putting up Halloween merchandise. Decorations, candy, kids costumes. Halloween night this year is a Saturday and the last day of daylight savings. I think it was last year that Uber sent out an in app message that Halloween was the second best night of...
  19. PioneerXi

    When California Shuts Down Tonight...

    Prior to 5pm the CA Court of Appeals have granted an extension of time to Uber/ Lyft until 13 October. (Not the best source): So...that means, Uber/Lyft continue to operate as they have, and I won’t be moving...
  20. PioneerXi

    Uber/Lyft are a go in CA.

    They have till 5pm to file. I doubt we’d, as drivers, will hear what their response is. Likewise, if they don’t file, I doubt they would be out of business, as the courts would take some time to process that. But...if they don’t file, we’re back to being miss classified employees effective the...