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  1. Lapetak

    Insurance Question

    I bought a 2012 Toyota Highlander Limited which I only made 3 payments out of 60 I have to do. I got full insurance with Gap and everything. I understand that for Rideshare you need a commercial insurance to cover all the costs in case of a collision or something but Uber and Lyft don't care...
  2. Lapetak

    [Advise Request] Buying A New Car

    Alright guys, my 2005 Mazda MPV gave me more that I was expecting and now I'm planing to pass it to a friend or family member because I'm seriously getting ready to buy a $23,000 3 row seat SUV (including 7% sales tax, DMV charges and any other documentation fees they might charge). I'm...
  3. Lapetak

    My First Dog

    I was driving towards home and I got the van request on Lyft which is Special or whatever they call it and when I arrived it was a pax with a dog called Mario. The pax asked me if I do dogs and I said yes. So I help him puting the dog cage on the rear of my van and he brought the dog on his...
  4. Lapetak

    Releasing Trip, Who Wants It?

    This trip is good for a New Yorker, I still got it on my board and I live in Jersey City. Whoever wants this let me know and we can sync so when I release it you can get it: Looks like the pick up is on Newark and the drop off is somewhere in CT. Im releasing the trip at 8:00 pm EST. Let...
  5. Lapetak

    Where To Drive [June 25th to July 2nd]

    I take no credit for this, I got it from Lyft and wanted to share just in case there's any of you close to this areas: Go outside and make some bucks!
  6. Lapetak

    [TUTORIAL) How To Get The Most Convenient Ride

    I'm not a pro or anything but with the new changes UBER has, there are some ways to get advantages of the system and use it at your favor. This probably wont work for everybody but Im certain that will do for some of you. This is how I do Rideshare: 1. I do UBER & Lyft at the same time, both...
  7. Lapetak

    [LYFT] Newark Int'l Airport Pick Up Procedure

    Effective tomorrow 6/24, new standard operating procedure to pick up passengers at EWR: What you guys think? Eventho is further than Uber's 7Eleven, I think is better.
  8. Lapetak

    Do you use Decals?

    Probably because I don't love my car any more but I do use Decals People request me on the streets lol. Do you use Decals? Post a pic of your ride.
  9. Lapetak

    Lyft Airport Queue Is A Joke

    So I was dumb enough to follow this: And after driving for almost 10 minutes I got here: And there's absolutely nothing but airport service vehicles. I don't know how the queue works but I came back to the airport and didn't went to that area and didn't receive any request o_O Any...
  10. Lapetak

    Need Serious Advise *Navigation*

    I finally got my UBER app updated and they letting me use UBER Navigation System which they claimed got updated and improved in order to provide a better driving experience, blah blah blah... Well I use Google Maps and I cant complain, I downloaded the state of NJ to be available offline on my...
  11. Lapetak

    Time To Fish!

    Who's out there getting dirty with this blood?
  12. Lapetak

    Pick Up A PAX in Newark Intl Airport

    Do you guys pay attention to this? Do you guys go to 7 Eleven and join all this UBER and Lyft Drivers including all TLC black car drivers? What's your technique in order to pick up a pax in EWR?
  13. Lapetak

    "Complete 3 Ross On A Row Earn More" (What a Joke)

    This is a joke, they wanna make me work in that area in order to be entitled for that boost. I dislike working in Hudson County, surge is manipulated, traffic is horrible in rush hours. Other thing is that a trip might take you out of Hudson County and then you have to drive back in order to...
  14. Lapetak

    What's Up Guys!

    Hey, Im glad I found this community. I've been driving UBER for 3 months and I do Hudson County, mainly Jersey City, Union City, Hoboken and North Bergen. I drive a 2005 Mazda MPV (wife's car, lol) and I made myself a partner in order to pay a debt. I do have a full time job so I dont depend...
  15. Lapetak

    Retroactive Bonus Request *Denied*

    No lies, it was a friend who referred me or induced me to do UBER. Watching some youtube channel of some people who do uber and make videos, they stated that it was possible to get the bonus following some simple steps on the app. So I submitted all my friend's information and in les that 24...
  16. Lapetak

    Cancelled On A Pax Inside Of My Car ='(

    I picked up a passenger on a train station, I was a newbie and I was supposed to be back at home to meet wife and the kids in two hours. When I started the trip I noticed that ride was 1 hour and a half away totally on the opposite way where I live. I calculated that my way back will take me...