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  1. Uber20/20

    Driving while receiving Unemployment

    Why is fraud? If u do everything by the book? Even in UI, it has section explain about gross income for self-employed as earn minus expenses as gross income. And if UI felt that its not right they will make changes or adjustments. But who the f-are u guys to decide If it's wrong or fraud?? For...
  2. Uber20/20


    .69/mile in Los Angeles and if it wasn't for tips, I wouldn't have last this long. Most tip I got was close to half of what made with PM that week. Average tip a week? I would say, at least 30% of what u make. PM customer got much better over the last year. I think a lots of UE customer jump to...
  3. Uber20/20

    Cherry season is officially over

    No EDD applicants here? No backdated payments neither...Weekly benefit probably higher than your best week ever. Good job kiddo
  4. Uber20/20

    RED ALERT: EDD Interview turned up a lot of interesting info for all!!!! MUST READ

    Up to first 25 made, Over 100 × 25%. There are many thread about this figures. If u qualify that week, 600 will come along with it
  5. Uber20/20

    RED ALERT: EDD Interview turned up a lot of interesting info for all!!!! MUST READ

    I wrote "Self Employed" but when I read what I wrote "Employee" and when I tell u what I wrote "Gig Worker" 1589604633 Whatever u make will deduct from your benefit.
  6. Uber20/20

    How to certify please help

    I'm already approved on application and certify up to date. Which last 3 weeks are eligible but first 7 are not, due to excessive wager and fully employed. Debit is on the way with 3 weeks paid confirm. If I knew how to...probably got 7-8 weeks instead of 3 weeks. Some weeks I made little over...
  7. Uber20/20

    How to certify please help

    I put Indii-contractor and put Uber/Postmate as employer. lol I'm sure they know what I'm talking about.
  8. Uber20/20

    RED ALERT: EDD Interview turned up a lot of interesting info for all!!!! MUST READ

    What matter is 40 hours a week don't matter how much u made. And other matter is at under 40 hours of week working gotta make under $222, just to be eligible certification that weeks benefit. And I really not care about 167 a week, even tho will get adjust later by your 1099, but extra 600 is...
  9. Uber20/20

    RED ALERT: EDD Interview turned up a lot of interesting info for all!!!! MUST READ

    FACT It's all about certification. I did not fully understood this thread before I went certify. But my results of certify clearly tells me, how they look at it and pay or not. Apply Apr. 16 and did not hear anything from them so I re-apply may 5. Right away I gain online access and was to...
  10. Uber20/20


    Did anyone certify, yes worked? 40 hours and made more than 167? My statement says " fully employed" and "made excessive wager (weeks less than 40 hours) I don't think I'm getting any payments. Anyone else worked? Thought they said we could still work and still claim UI? Gotta make my...
  11. Uber20/20

    Unemployment update

    I apply on Apr. 16 Not aware of important document they are sending to me by mail. Btw didn't even got auto email for submitting application. Anyway never got the mail due to my negligent, so I went look for updating my address but I couldn't log-in without EDD Customer ID number, which should...
  12. Uber20/20

    Where are Uber litigation checks?

    I got the same e mail today. Is this means we got another six month to receive check? Better not catch corv19 till then...
  13. Uber20/20

    More help for LA County tenants

    Next round care act? Wish they process faster once those cor19 fund program are launch. For those who live in LA county $700 debt cards are up for grab. Angelino debt card grant from mayor, today is last day to submit application (Apr. 16 8:30am - 4:30pm) so act fast. If too many applicants vs...
  14. Uber20/20

    Please please please

    As I was reading through y'all...what was the title of this room? BRB
  15. Uber20/20

    For people who say you cant make money at this anymore...

    Now, U can go join 2K club soon and show us "made100K a year" as well. From earlier reply "lost at 76 hours" totally agreed.
  16. Uber20/20

    When will we receive our checks??

    Anyone hire different attorney than Liss?? Would that be faster? % driver vs. .11 don't really make sense, since there are drivers who already got checks but there are drivers who still sign up for indi arbitration.
  17. Uber20/20

    individual arbitration settlement 0.11 cent per mile

    I once heard "bet more win more" which is truth in phrase.
  18. Uber20/20

    Where are Uber litigation checks?

    Recommend diff casino next time
  19. Uber20/20

    How many miles on your Toyota Prius?

    Good stuff 11-15 are all same as base model in shocks anyway