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  1. Iann

    Anyone doing Roadie?

    Decided to do a few Roadie runs. Actually enjoy doing it over Uber and Lyft. I have done 3 trips and made just under $60 2 Walmart Express trips where both people tipped well. 1 Home Depot trip didn't tip. No contact with pax is nice. 1594926034 Anyone else doing it? How do you like it?
  2. Iann

    Arguments you have gotten into?

    Curious to some of the arguments you are getting into with the ones you're stuck with during this wonderful time? My recent one was about the toilet seat. Boys outnumber the girls in our house and my wife if arguing that we should be putting the seat down after we piss. I say put it back up...
  3. Iann

    $25,000 for Essential Workers

    ESSENTIAL WORKERS WOULD GET UP TO $25,000 BOOST UNDER SENATE DEMOCRATS' NEW 'HEROES FUND' STIMULUS unveiled a proposal Tuesday that would boost the pay of essential workers on the frontlines of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic by potentially tens of thousands of dollars. As much as...
  4. Iann

    Uber Planner

    While checking daily to see if any other scumbags tried to scam their money back I noticed this new Planner Tab... Clicked on it and couldn't connect it says. Tap the Info tab in the upper right got me this... Haven't driven for about 2 weeks and don't plan on it either after this for a...
  5. Iann

    Check your Uber Wallet

    Yesterday I checked my Uber wallet and seen I was negative $14 People are getting desperate and claiming wrong person picked them up and getting refunded. Funny part is mine was impossible that I was able to pick up the wrong rider. In Portland we have codes at the Airport the Pax gives us...
  6. Iann

    Asking for money for their staff

    Got a email from a local Comedy Club. Had a few crappy experiences at this place so I really don't feel bad. Here's what I was sent. And what I wrote back
  7. Iann

    Doing some remodeling during the Coronavirus

    A few months ago my dog tore up the laundry room floor. Sick of looking at it, I decided to tear it out and buy some flooring. Went to Home Depot and got 4 boxes of Vinyl plank click lock flooring. $36 each $40 in other tools and supplies. First had to move the washing machine and dryer...
  8. Iann

    Car Audio

    Curious to what people have don't with the cars stereo system? I can't handle stock so I did a full upgrade. Was NOT cheap and was able to save money by installing myself. Head Unit- Kenwood Excelon DNX996XR Front door speakers- Morel Tempo 6.5 Component speakers Rear doors- Morel Tempo 6.5...
  9. Iann

    Dominos pulling surge pricing NYE

    Damn savages! Even Dominos Pizza is getting in on surge pricing on NYE
  10. Iann

    Let's see your New Years Promotions

    This is comedy on Ubers part. 1 Promotion on the day after. Not going out to pick up all the walk of shames, puked on, baby making body fluid smelling Pax.
  11. Iann

    Uber cares about my feedback.

    My feedback matters to make Uber better. Oh wait. It's Uber we're talking about. Guess my feedback doesn't matter after all!
  12. Iann

    Here's how to opt out Lyft Arbitration

    Not much time left to Opt out of Lyfts recent changes. Here's one way you can opt out.
  13. Iann

    No you can't change your jock strap

    Didn't want to clean up ball hair or a slug trail.
  14. Iann

    4 Cops VS 1 Uber Eats driver

    Almost got away.
  15. Iann

    2015 Toyota Prius for lease

    My buddy has a 2015 toyota prius for lease in the Portland/Seattle area. You can do Uber and Lyft. Unlimited miles. $175 a week, you carry your own insurance.
  16. Iann

    Audio Tip Sign

    I made a sound clip from A Text to Speak app that says "A previous rider has tipped you $5" So far when I have been able to sneak in and play the sound clip I got a $5 tip Really don't want to get caught messing with my phone playing the clip. Issue is I'm not sure how to do most tech stuff. It...
  17. Iann

    Sting near PSU

    Last night I got a ping near the Cheerful Tortious. As I pull up I see 5 people. I immediate lock my doors and ask how many were planning on getting in? All of us they say. As they reach for the door and realize it's locked I tell them I can't take more than 4 people and they would need to...
  18. Iann

    Nut Butter

    Lyft wants to know my Nut Butter recipe. Mine is about 4 hours of driving.
  19. Iann

    Wanna see Boobs?

    Today is Fat Tuesday, last day of Carnival. Is a day where girls like to show boobs for a cheap plastic bead necklace. Plus a high chance of collecting cleaning fees from the glittered out costumes.
  20. Iann

    Uber surge. How does it work?

    This has been puzzling me for the past few days. When I get a surge ride from the AP it turns out to be some sort of extra bonus on top of the surge. Had some rides where I wasn't quite sure why it was surging but I wasn't complaining. Can someone explain this please?