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  1. HumbleKid

    Just seen a T765.

    Shït getting spooky out here! Just seen a T765:eek: .
  2. HumbleKid

    I have a riddle.

    How can you milk a peanut ? 5 stars for anyone who can answer this!
  3. HumbleKid


    I get pissed when I get notifications for this type of bullshìt. Nice peanut for an ant! Who wants it?
  4. HumbleKid


    Is it slow for a Friday or is it just me? Started an hour ago and haven’t gotten a ping yet.
  5. HumbleKid


    How is out there today guys?
  6. HumbleKid


    Anyone driving tomorrow?
  7. HumbleKid


    Any one driving tonight? How is it out there?
  8. HumbleKid

    Uber is sneaky.

    I hate it when Uber forces Poop on you. You know, those trips when you accept a ping during a trip, you complete the trip, then as you head to your next destination you notice it’s POOP. Uber is so sneaky, lol. They normally don’t catch me with this dirty trick of their’s, but today I didn’t...
  9. HumbleKid


    How’s it out there today guys? Anyone driving ? I want to go out and make $200 real quick.
  10. HumbleKid

    Car mileage.

    At what mileage is a car not safe to drive for rideshare services, or prohibited by any particular safety guidelines ?
  11. HumbleKid

    Amount of drivers !

    Would the TLC ever limit the cap on how many app drivers they’ll allow on the road before it really becomes impossible to make money in NYC? Just a thought !
  12. HumbleKid

    Question about Pool.

    Don’t fry me guys, I don’t do pool anymore (this is just an inquiry). I actually haven’t done Pool in about 2 months now. But is it me, or the navigation for Pool is just downright awful ? I feel like it’s literally designed to get you lost and have you driving all over the place, then as a...
  13. HumbleKid

    $300 per day.

    How are you guys doing in here , in terms of day to day earnings ? I remember when I first started driving I would easily hit $250 after 8 hours. Now it seems like I’m lucky if I hit $250 after 12 hours. Do any of you guys make $300 per day on here?
  14. HumbleKid

    Quick question.

    I swear, I don’t know how some of you guys do this as a career ! I can’t! I really have to hold myself back from putting hands on passengers all the time, lol. My question(s) to you...... - If someone reaches all the way from the backseat to turn up the volume on your radio , how do you...
  15. HumbleKid

    180 days?

    Are anyone of you benefiting from these so called “180 days of change” ? Anyone ? Just wondering.
  16. HumbleKid

    UberPool (rant)

    UberPool is really just a headache to me most of the time. Majority of the time when I accept a Pool ping , it's either a rude obnoxious passenger, wrong address, or just a bad experience in general. I always cringe when I hear the sound of the second pickup getting added to the ride. I hate...
  17. HumbleKid

    How to remove sticker.

    Anyone know how to remove those tlc base stickers? I want to remove them for when I'm not driving uber.
  18. HumbleKid

    TLC application deadline question. (Please Help)

    Okay, so due to me being a very busy and broke college student, finishing up all the TLC requirements took me almost the whole 90 days, due to monetary and time issues. I applied for the license on 12/19/2016, which makes my deadline 3/19/2017. It is now the 16th of March and everything has...