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    Sunday in the afternoon

    Nice to see you've upgraded from Little Caesars!
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    George Floyd protests , gettin ugly in Philly

    OGT if you wanna call it karma, that is an argument for another day lol. This was just the straw that broke the camel's back. There is a huge issue at hand that us whites will just never be able to relate to tbh. Have we all dealt with @@@@@@@ cops? Sure. Maybe you got a petty ticket and had...
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    George Floyd protests , gettin ugly in Philly

    Very well said.
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    Sad note . Lost my pal tuesday

    Sorry for your loss Bobby.. I think the only thing that we can all agree on here is that dogs are the best It sounds short sighted, but get another pet soon. Makes it easier. Soooo many rescue dogs are available that are already potty trained and will appreciate a good home
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    Immunity Tests

    Cloth masks and all the homemade stuff is seriously like 10-20% effective regarding prevention lol. N95's seal against your face, which makes them much more effective.
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    I'm more busy than before the CV-19

    These days, it means much less kung flu risk + easy highway miles on 95 with no traffic.. still not anything to brag about, but I'd do it. Under normal circumstances, I would only do that on a Friday or Saturday night when I know I can easily get a rebound with DE rates. I wouldn't do it...
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    I'm more busy than before the CV-19

    6 different city rides means 6 diff chances to get coronavirus. Not exactly the smartest idea there fat boy...
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    The Toxic8 is famous

    How can NJ be so unappreciative of Bobby's helpful and informative posts? Maybe he'll "stop posting" there too.. And he lives in NE philly. Theres great pizza all over the place. The only customers you'll see in a little Caesars are the same animals you'll see at walmart.... Ok. Now it makes...
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    The failure of lyft look at this. are you kiddle me. free rides next.?

    Awfully happy about 1200 and awfully mad about not receiving any tips... and now mad about Lyft giving out free rides... All while continuing to grind out full time weeks these days. Yep. All signs definitely point to a successful Uber driver 🙄 Ps bobby - those free rides are intended for...
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    who is still working ?

    I can only imagine why. Prolly has the same d*ck measuring contest with his pax too lol "Oh, your son is in the marines? Back in my day I could bench press 400 pounds. I was tougher than him"
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    who is still working ?

    You say gtfo on the forum, but we all know you're taking the rides anyway fat boy
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    who is still working ?

    Have you seen our fellow ants? We dont deserve tips.
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    attitude story, and check engine light

    Nice to see you up so early taking all of these essential pax for base fare. Keep on telling us about how you can retire any
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    SBA small business loans

    Might be up your alley, big fella. Your dog will be safe too 😁
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    who is still working ?

    Was one of them WAV? "I'm not fat!!!"
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    insane idiocy from today's youth. our future.

    Ehh, the sample size is much larger than one person lol
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    Still $$$ in Philly

    :o-o: 1585607940 Gloves are a dangerous game though. Gloves often do a lot more harm than good when it comes to spreading it around. Nothing worse than those cashiers using gloves to ring up multiple people. Its horrifying.
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    Still $$$ in Philly

    So, you've spent years bragging about how much you earn on here.... Yet, you're still out here grinding for pennies in these conditions because you cant afford to stop? Also, not only did you use the wrong version of "there"... but you also managed to misspell "their". That's impressive lol...
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    $600 for gig workers

    Stop it by not picking up people with suitcases? How dumb can you possibly be at this point? It takes a special type of stupid to pick up people at PHL or 30th st right now...