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  1. Transportador

    Tax Dddddeadline

    I expect this week to be terrible due to everyone paying taxes owed to the IRS by 7/15! Last week was slow after July 4th, but I forgot all about the IRS. Uber Eats will be nothing but $4 fast food orders! On Uber X, can I set my surge to below 1.0? LOL
  2. Transportador

    Alcohol delivery is here

    I promise I will opt in so I can get them drunk, then you Uber X guys can pick them up hehehe.
  3. Transportador

    Uber Hourly is coming

    Newly released Uber option for riders to book a car and driver by the hour with multiple stops. Driving Miss Daisy is coming to your city.
  4. Transportador

    Travis COVID-19 master plan

    OK just my theory, but this is how TK is planning a HUGE comeback, aided by the virus pandemic. 1. Start a new business based on past success with Uber Eats by having industrial kitchens cook the food, bypassing all those restaurants, forcing them out of business and hire their desperate chefs...
  5. Transportador

    Annoying tolls

    Stupid Express Lanes can never tell I have passengers in the back seat, and kept charging me tolls when it's supposed to be free for car pools! How do you guys combat this?
  6. Transportador

    Uber Surge Multiplier is back

    Guys and gals, just got an email today:
  7. Transportador

    CBX Scam

    I picked up this guy from CBX one night, going to his house in East Lake. He handed me his credit card after I started driving while he was talking to his wife on the phone. We went up the 125 toll road. Got near his house and he finally hung up the phone and asked me if I used his credit...
  8. Transportador

    Which one of you did this?

    Had a pax last night at who told me his story about how he hated Lyft. He and a couple friends were at the beach. He ordered a Lyft about 30 minutes after they got out of the water. It was a short ride back to campus. When the ride ended they had gotten the seats wet! He felt really bad...
  9. Transportador

    Get out of MY Uber

  10. Transportador

    Didi is in Mexico

    Wow, just found out that Didi is operating in Mexico City. Uber got beat by Didi in China, and now Didi is in Mexico competing with Uber. Maybe we'll be driving for Didi soon in San Diego. I'd better start my Mandarin class, LOL.
  11. Transportador

    SAN pick ups

    So what's happening at SAN terminal 2? Last night they had Lyft signs everywhere on the left side of the island. Where is the Uber pick up spot for terminal 2? They had everyone (passengers) line up in a queue to get into their Lyft cars!
  12. Transportador

    Why we sit in the SAN pen

    Finally! There is a lady who sells burritos and Mexican drinks out of her car at dinner time...$1 burrito and $1.50 drink. I don't think she drives U/L. Hope she doesn't get busted. She's the only entrepreneur in the lot, LOL.
  13. Transportador

    Money dropping from the sky

    Just wanted to to share a tip with you all. It happened to me several times now so I finally figured it out. Had a long ride out to near Jamul last Saturday. Then went over and waited at the casino hoping for a ride back to SD. Nothing after 15 minutes so I left, driving toward East Lake...
  14. Transportador

    Good Carma

    I had good luck yesterday and got a ride from Westfield UTC Mall to CBX. Got there and the queue had only 5 cars waiting, so I was ready to get a long ride out of there. Saw these two Mexican girls at the curb where Uber/Lyft drivers were waiting in queue, looking distressed. They went over...
  15. Transportador

    Uber dead at SAN today

    At lunch time today at SAN...75 Lyft cars, 0 Uber. And a lot of you have been saying Lyft is dying? Not really. Got me a good ride out of there on Lyft.
  16. Transportador

    Uber Long Trip Notification

    I was downtown last Sunday and got a stack ping before dropping someone off. I was busy looking out for traffic while making a left turn, plus I had my polarized sunglasses on so I couldn't stare at the app long enough and couldn't see the screen too well. But I thought I saw something new...
  17. Transportador

    Lyft Lux raises rate

    Check this out. Small raise
  18. Transportador

    How Uber DF is supposed to work

    Pure luck again yesterday on my commute home. Left work around 6:30, got in my car and set DF from Sorrento Valley for CBX. Got pinged at 6:40. Guy went from Sorrento Valley to SAN. I'm happy since 6:40 is kinda late for catching people going home from work, much less to SAN. Dropped him...
  19. Transportador

    Cisco Live Concert tonight

    Cisco is hosting a big concert tonight at Petco Park. Foo Fighters will headline. Watch out for very heavy traffic downtown. If you're lucky you get to bring people to the concert then bail and stay away from there, avoiding those tiny rides. Most Cisco Live attendants stay downtown, but...
  20. Transportador

    Uber asked how you feel about driving Pools

    Hey guys and gals, Uber kept sending us that stupid survey asking how we like driving Pools. Let's post your responses here please. I'm totally bored and want a good laugh.