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  1. Uber Kraus

    Uber Propaganda: Always good for a laugh

    How do they come up with this stuff!?
  2. Uber Kraus

    Uber advertising

    so I don't watch TV and I don't listen to much radio and I don't read the news and I'm not on Facebook. So you can probably guess that I'm not assaulted every day by the advertising that most of us are. That said, I had the local rock station on the other day on my way to pick up a ride and...
  3. Uber Kraus

    Uber daytime guarantee

    So there is a guarantee today. From noon to 6 PM. I normally work days and do pretty well in my town. Last Saturday it surged for hours on end and I was able to pull in roughly $100 in about three hours. This Saturday there are almost 30 cars on the road in a town that needs anywhere from 4 to...
  4. Uber Kraus

    This forum needs a new story!

    This happened to me months ago and I submitted it to Uber's "best story contest". Can't imagine why I didn't win... Thursday, June 4, 2015 It could happen to you... May 15th, 2015 It’s Friday night, graduation weekend and my 6th day driving for Uber. I have decided to take it easy on my...
  5. Uber Kraus

    Good morning world, it's 5:37am!

    Wake up in FoCo and I'm rolling out the door to drive down to Denver and get some rides before grabbing a friend at the airport. The sun isn't up yet. App on. Ping! Great, probably the same direction I'm going judging by pick up location and city layout... Phone rings, "Are you seriously 10...
  6. Uber Kraus

    You are better than this.

    I realized exactly why a lot of UberX stop driving after roughly three months. The number of disappointing days finally adds up. The math never gets better but instead actually gets worse & PAX can wear you down. My background.... For the last fifteen years I have worked in the music business...
  7. Uber Kraus

    Background refresh iPhone?

    Can I disable background refresh while logged in and use other apps?
  8. Uber Kraus

    33 & 3.3

    uber request this morning. 33 minutes away in rush hour. Rating is 3.3. What could go wrong! Uber on crack
  9. Uber Kraus

    From the mind of George Carlin...

    Looks like Uber is missing a step or two here...
  10. Uber Kraus

    32 minutes!

    lyft request 32 minutes away! Where do these guys set the boundary?
  11. Uber Kraus

    Queue system at DIA?

    Can any body confirm?
  12. Uber Kraus

    Really Dillon? Are you serious?

    I know it was you Dillon! You were my only PAX in the last 24 hours. I know you rated me 3 you lazy son of a @@@@@! 0.99 miles? Seriously? Take a walk you slob! Confirms destination, asks if there are any stops, shuts up and drives without GPS using fastest/safest route, confirms drop off...
  13. Uber Kraus

    How we could all waste less gas, be more efficient and make Uber a "greener" company

    I think there are a couple basic things that Uber/Lyft could do that would make them much more efficient. They might even be able to say they are a greener company with these ideas put into play. Read on fellow drivers and read it all. These are good ideas! I drive in Colorado. Obviously Denver...
  14. Uber Kraus

    Oldest iPhone working with Uber?

    What version of iPhone is currently the oldest version working with Uber/Lyft? My Samsung S3 will no longer charge and I just need to get through 50 days before my new contract.. Many thanks.
  15. Uber Kraus

    Uber Corporate

    I picked up an Uber corporate lawyer from San Fran a few weeks back and took him on a $100 surge ride.
  16. Uber Kraus

    You guys are the nicest

    I participate in a number of other forums and often find myself wondering why people are such jerks. This forum is great! No stupid arguing, no condescending responses, lots of laughs, etc.. Hats off to us for being rad to each other!
  17. Uber Kraus

    Here I sit...

    broken hearted, I came to sit, in this over saturated market.