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  1. MullOfKintyre

    Charlotte boost schedule is weird this week - permanent change?

    I've been driving Uber Eats for the past several months, and all the weeks have had fairly consistent boost schedules/areas. This week, I open the promotions calendar to find not only is not a Quest, but the boosts are very erratic, with changes every 2 hours and large variation between days...
  2. MullOfKintyre

    No Quest this week?

    I've been driving UberEats in Charlotte for the past several months, and in each week there's been a "complete 65 trips, earn $175 extra" Quest. I logged in today to see there isn't any Quest. Anybody else experiencing this?
  3. MullOfKintyre

    Driver Injury Protection Error Page - Support Unhelpful

    So, I tried signing up for DIP through the app, but hitting "Enroll Now" only takes me to an error page stating "Driver Injury Protection is currently available to select product lines..." The same thing happens when I try to go to Uber's driverinjuryprotection webpage. I messaged Uber Support...