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    KUNG FLU - The Coronavirus

    Surgical masks do nothing. You have to get the ones from Home Depot
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    Uber taking tips?

    That makes sense. Glad I brought this up
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    Uber taking tips?

    Sounds funny right? Wouldn’t surprise me though. I took a much needed break for a month and came back and every tip I have received in the past week has had change involved but when I go to see what the rider paid, it doesn’t round up the the nearest dollar. Thoughts?
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    Ladies and Gentlemen - The newest and finest Uber scam yet!!

    Tonight is ridiculous. Does anyone know if we are just a test market for this stupid surge they introduced a few months ago? I was halfway through PA and saw they still have regular multiplier Surge
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    Official NYE Thread

    Last night I worked for myself. Not for Uber. It felt great turning people down. My first trip at 12:20ish was for an extra $10 and the rider refused to answer my text on where they were going. I pulled up they got in and told me they were going to jersey. I answered back that I’m not and want...
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    NYE Quest

    That is not being overpaid considering the downhill tumble the pay scale has been over the past 2-3 years. $1000 is seen as a “holiday bonus” that we have to work for because any other day of the week we don’t strike it rich. In short you can’t judge what being underpaid and overpaid is if you...
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    NYE promotion

    You need to do more digging to find the full promotion. Click the flag on the right of the promotion
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    Uber Black in Philly

    Depends on if he signed up for Uber New Jersey or Uber Philadelphia. If they are signed up for Uber New Jersey they can’t operate in Philadelphia. If they signed up for Philadelphia then they can drive in both Philadelphia and New Jersey
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    NYE planning question

    NJ distance rates are .07 more per mile while PA has .12 more per min. It all evens out regardless
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    What's best dash cam?

    I use a Rexing 4K UHD it ran me $140
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    Down the shore?

    Actually go to the shore if you want to drive around aimlessly waiting for a ping because there’s 10 Uber cars per square block. I worked 1pm-4am and made $150
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    South Jersey

    I was there and wasn’t getting requests. In Wildwood currently, and it takes 30min between trips. Pissed I arrived to pick someone up that said 45+min long fare and when I arrived they cancelled
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    I have never seen a promotion for Philly area

    I’ve been driving for 5 months and have yet to see a promotion/quest/boost for philly. (Only super bowl parade day). Is that common and if not what should I do? I’d like to maximize my earnings obviously
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    Is there a way to see the live surge in a neighboring state?

    I live in South Jersey and usually drive in Philadelphia which happens to be 20min away from me. I have to pay a toll to go over there and it’s worth it because of the amount of rides you get as well as higher payout. Looking for a way to see the current live Uber driver map in the neighboring...