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    I just don't get it

    Not sure what immigration status has to do with people not liming taxis. ItsI that they rip people off.
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    Ace Parking @SAN pickup

    So you come to another country and start insulting its citizens? You're free to go back.
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    OMG high GAS price is ripping off our business

    You can thank Sacramento for the extra gas tax added on this year plus cap and trade fees. People keep voting for them.
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    Anyone else having instant pay issues?

    I'm having issues as well. I always use it. This weekend is the first time it hasn't worked
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    How will gas skyrocket price will affect us?

    There's plenty of money at the state level without the onerous taxes. Start by kicking out the illegals. Then quit promising public workers large pensions. And make state politicians pay for gas out if their pockets.
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    How will gas skyrocket price will affect us?

    Previously companies could import cheaper gas from neighboring states. That helped drive prices lower. Can't do that anymore thanks to progressive policies.
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    Hey guys?

    Happened to me as well. It cleared up after a few hours. I use IP daily.
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    How will gas skyrocket price will affect us?

    State taxes alone are like $0.60/gallon. We have our own unique blend so we can't import from Yuma.
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    How will gas skyrocket price will affect us?

    Stop voting for progressives!
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    Lyft driver abandons pilot in parking lot after learning he would only make $6 on ride

    A pilot for a major airliner is accusing a Lyft driver of ditching him in a random parking lot on his way to LAX after realizing how little money he would be making on the trip. Continue Reading Below On Thursday morning, pilot Darryl, who requested his last name not be used, used the...
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    In an accident while in that traffic jam

    Pick ups and Smart Cars.
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    Uber, Lyft Drivers Earning A Median Profit Of $3.37 Per Hour, Study Says The vast majority of Uber and Lyft drivers are earning less than minimum wage and almost a third of them are actually losing money by driving, according to...
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    Uber Express Pool, just for you pool lovers.

    About 90% of my non SAN requests are now Pool. Previous to PE it was about 30%. I never ever do Pool and nobody else should either.
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    Uber Express Pool, just for you pool lovers.

    I was talking about the company.
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    Uber Express Pool, just for you pool lovers.

    Uber isn't profitable
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    More cheap riders coming your way

    Lyft Line's pre-tax commuter perks are available in 18 cities Shave as much as 35 percent off the cost of your ride. Jon Fingas, 6h ago Lyft Line was built from the start to make daily ridesharing more affordable, but it really comes into its own if you can use a commuter benefits card. It lets...
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    ReMatch at SAN

    ImIwith you. I never do SAN pickups. Shhhhh don't tell them. That's less on the road
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    Balboa Park

    My acceptance rate is 7% on Uber most of the time
  19. us395

    Balboa Park

    Look everyone! An amazing opportunity to sit in traffic for an hour and make $4! Who's in? Lyft alert: 350K attendees expected at Balboa Park December Nights today & tomorrow! Best times to drive are 8-11:30 PM. See driver guide:
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    Uber helping drivers!!!!

    People who take pool are as cheap as non tippers.