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    Do you guys prefer daytime driving or evening?

    I've been driving mostly daytime and I gotta say it's really hot I can feel it inside my car. Tinted my windows thinking that would help but barely does anything besides minimum shade. I also feel my car takes more mechanical toll and wear more during the day . I can go hours non stop at night...
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    Are all toll ways free?

    Heard the tolls were free for a a week. Any confirmation to this news?
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    When will lyft resume services

    Looks like lyft suspended services due to the hurricane. Anybody have any idea when it will resume just wondering. By the way has uber suspended services too?
  5. Syed80888

    Lyft slow tonight?

    Was pretty busy from 11 am to 4 pm then no pings after 8 pm. Anybody know what has caused this?
  6. Syed80888

    I don't see any guarantees hours on my dashboard

    Anybody having the same issue or is my phone or app messed up?
  7. Syed80888

    How many trips are you guys getting a day for Lyft?

    Is it busy?
  8. Syed80888

    How many months before Lyft starts getting demand all day like uber?

    I have two questions. Unforutely I don't drive for uber. Had incident and they deactivated me. So just driving lyft for now. Although it is really really slow. Most times there are no pings for 3+ hours. I initially thought maybe my phone gps was messed up. But there's just not enough demand...