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  1. glados

    Booking hour long trip OK? To St Catharines and back

    I'm from Australia and I need to get to St Catharines from the Pearson Intl Airport, and get back within the same evening. Now, that's a long drive, about an hour and Uber is quoting about $140 CAD one way. I'm prepared to pay this, and I'd rather not drive on the other side of the road with...
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    Uber Secretly Overcharging Riders By 52% - evidence!

    I have finally found evidence that Uber is secretly overcharging riders by up to 50%, after introducing upfront fares. ^ Click on image above to view spreadsheet. Last night, I took two sets of identical trips, only in different directions. (A to B, B to A, C to D, D to C). I investigated all...
  3. glados

    Thoughts From A Former Uber Employee

    I'm not sure how many UPers are still active or remember me, but yes, I worked for Uber as an employee. No, I was not paid to post here, and all views were my own and did not reflect views of my employer. No, Uber did not treat employees well. * Work life balance is not really a thing at...
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    UberCOMMUTE - Drivers: Share the cost of your trips

    Uber is trialing out UberCOMMUTE in China, a new product where drivers can share the cost of longer trips. Drivers can set the destination of where they're going, and they'll be matched with similar requests. It's like UberPOOL but for drivers.
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    Uber Cancellation Abuse - Mini FAQ

    What is cancellation abuse? Cancellation abuse, also known as "ACRO" and "skipping" is when a driver accepts a request that they do not intend to take, and then quickly cancels it. Uber rides are known for being reliable, affordable, and safe, and Uber will take appropriate action (including...
  7. glados

    Uber driver recognised me in syd

    Went out with a few friends, decided to get an Uber. The driver recognised driving me 2-3 months ago, I was surprised! Gave him a tip :) Driver turnover is not as high as you think...
  8. glados

    Uber is up and running in Las Vegas

    Uber is now in Lsa Vegas!
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    What Makes Uber Run Extract:
  10. glados

    Melbourne driver partners: Got your free mints?

    Uber Melbourne is giving out free mentos gum to drivers! Have you got yours?
  11. glados

    Uber offering free mints to partners in select markets

    Mentos is offering complimentary gum in certain Australian markets like Melbourne. Sure-fire way to boost your rating without increasing your expenses :)
  12. glados

    Uber black cancelling on $30 fare

    Needed to get somewhere asap for an appointment, no uber x so I got a uberblack. Driver called, asked for destination, told him and he cancelled right after. This is a $30 uber black fare, sure it's not three digits but you're getting a $10 base fare and $2.9 per km. Reported to uber, I can...
  13. glados

    Uber doesn't want drivers to rate based on fares, LOL

    My pet theory behind the latest update is that uber doesn't want drivers rating pax low because of a low fare. Yet pax see the fare before they rate. LOL.
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    Using the referral code for almost free ubers?

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    Uber files lawsuit challenging ATO's GST determination "Lawyers representing Uber lodged an application with the Federal Court on Friday, arguing the ATO's policy "unfairly targets" drivers and should not have been announced while a review of the...
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    [Done] Turramurra to Airport on Sun 12:30pm, $64