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    Uber taking tips?

    Sounds funny right? Wouldn’t surprise me though. I took a much needed break for a month and came back and every tip I have received in the past week has had change involved but when I go to see what the rider paid, it doesn’t round up the the nearest dollar. Thoughts?
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    I have never seen a promotion for Philly area

    I’ve been driving for 5 months and have yet to see a promotion/quest/boost for philly. (Only super bowl parade day). Is that common and if not what should I do? I’d like to maximize my earnings obviously
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    Is there a way to see the live surge in a neighboring state?

    I live in South Jersey and usually drive in Philadelphia which happens to be 20min away from me. I have to pay a toll to go over there and it’s worth it because of the amount of rides you get as well as higher payout. Looking for a way to see the current live Uber driver map in the neighboring...