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  1. Tysmith95

    MBTA severe delays

    Severe delays for the past hour on orange, green, and blue. Just a heads up.
  2. Tysmith95

    Took a taxi one mile in Boston and, understand why pax don't take them anymore

    So it was a group of 5 of us, and we grabbed a minivan taxi. Well we confirm that 5 is ok, get in, and he starts driving. Then he says it's $30 for a one mile ride because we have more than 4 people. o_O. We gave him 15 and walked away. He had taxi plates, but as he was pulling away I saw...
  3. Tysmith95

    Uber cuts nighttime rates

    And 4.25 surge at bar close. Ants be stupid.
  4. Tysmith95

    Took the Uber sticker off my car today

    I quit. Felt good.
  5. Tysmith95

    Avoid Airport at Night

    Avoid Uber trips from the airport at night. At 60 cents a mile it is definitively not worth it. Maybe when Uber has issues getting drivers then they'll start paying us more.
  6. Tysmith95

    Rates Lowered

    The per mile rate has been lowered by 35.25 cents and the per min rate has been raised by 12 cents a min. So any ride over 19.15 mph average and we lose money. Worst of all they haven't raised the pool rates to match the X rates like they have done in other cities. This is definitely a pay cut.
  7. Tysmith95

    Airport traffic

    Omg, went to the alternative route like I always do and it's taken me 15 mins so far to get to the damn light. And I'm not even half way around. First time at the airport in weeks and I'm not going back soon.
  8. Tysmith95

    Boston Lyft Driver caught by Chris Hansen

  9. Tysmith95

    Lyft Personal PT Zones Suck

    Anyone else find that the Lyft PT Zones are very finicky, like they have little relation to demand and refuse to show up even when Uber is surging. Plus I hate not knowing if there is any surge before I start driving. Plus when in a super busy area, and lyft sends a line ping 15 mins away. I...
  10. Tysmith95

    Heads up: Protests planned for tomorrow evening

    Protests planned at the common over Jeff Sessions firing. Not sure how large it will be, or if it'll affect traffic or demand.
  11. Tysmith95

    Uber app security

    Just wondering, why is security for the uber app so terrible? Every time I need to log into my bank or credit card account I use a fingerprint (or faceID for iPhone). The Uber app should require this.
  12. Tysmith95

    Why do people still drive bar close

    Is picking up shitfaced drunks for 3 bucks extra a trip really worth it?
  13. Tysmith95

    Uber changing logo

    Looks like they're going back to a simpler logo with the pax app. I wouldn't be surprised if trade dress follows.
  14. Tysmith95

    No more $$ for Lyft pay statements

    Anyone else not get the email for Uber giving us $30 dollars for Lyft pay statements. It's the first time in over a year I haven't got that.
  15. Tysmith95


    For 45+ trips Uber should show a multiplier surge instead of the flat surge on the ping screen. Hard to know weather to reject those long trips without knowing what the multiplier will be.
  16. Tysmith95

    Inappropriate Lyft profile picture

    Has anyone come across this? Had a passenger yesterday that had a picture of him naked in a very sexually provocative position as his profile picture. Like it skeeved me out.
  17. Tysmith95

    Returning CARGO

    Anyone know the process for this. Not worth losing my armrest for 2 bucks a week. The advertisements that say drivers make 200-300 a month are total bull.
  18. Tysmith95

    Finally Lyft

    Got my first Lyft ride incentive in a year. They sent it earlier this morning!