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    “You” being the operative word😀
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    Three funny things today

    £60 😂
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    Uber and Uber Eats deactivation

    UberEats customers expect you to put them first. They also expect you to be super quick (bike/moped vs car sat in traffic) They can track you on the app and will notice if you take a detour. You said the job came up BEFORE you went to pick up your missus. You accepted the job so both Uber...
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    Prius boot space

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    Is uber going the TFL way ?

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    You just couldn't do it could you?

    I sincerely hope @London-born-and-bred is doing okay.
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    Uber’s Supreme Court Live

    Just checked Twitter. Comment was legit. Astonishingly. The man is a donkey. He appears to be justifying doing 1000 £1-£2 jobs a week.
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    CC question

    A good operator will pass any fees onto the passenger. Uber avoids doing anything that might reduce their ridership. Including, but not limited to, charging 2020 rates, standing by their partner-drivers and charging CC. They are very much Uber’s passengers, as 80% of them never used PH before...
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    👍👍👍👍👍 Was this ride legally booked through Uber? Yep. For this reason it’s advisable to get pax to send another Uber. You‘re never more than 6 feet away from one 😁 Nope.
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    CC question

    I believe Uber used to chuck ‘em an extra quid for a CC job (presumably a bit more now). So once they are “taken in” to the zone, I guess they want to stay in. Thereby increase their chances of getting enough CC jobs to cover the daily charge.
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    Seems to be working now folks
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    Help. Looking to Hire and E class.

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    Uber medics

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    Yep. Touting app plain and simple. In that it can - and more than likely - IS being used to tout. Driver has full reign to enter passenger’s details (correct or otherwise) ON THEIR BEHALF. Smartzi even reminds drivers to be careful not to use the same email/mobile for different passengers...
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    universal credit and support grant

    Of course. In YOUR example, the grant amount received was not sufficient to carry over. This will not be the same for everyone. Those that earned more, will have received receive more. Even without working to top up the grant received, many people will not qualify for UC for the month after...
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    Addison Lee Install Partitions

    Wonders never cease. Turns out AddLee DIDN’T do their homework. What idiots!
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    Quiz Night!!

    Too easy because it was in SE21
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    £25 C-charge 24/7 soon

    Yes. Well, technically no... but they do get 100% discount so near enough. Most important to note... they should not be used to pamper cheapskates on Uber et al. To be used only with operators that charge proper rates and of course, pass the CC onto the customer. That way, driver earns an...
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    universal credit and support grant

    If your grant exceeds what UC say you‘re entitled to, then you will get £0 from UC in the month you received your grant. Additionally, if sufficient, your “earnings” ARE carried over into the next month. So you could win another big fat £0 the month after.
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    universal credit and support grant