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  1. Buck-a-mile

    Very funny true story if you like aircraft

    Google SR71 speed check, or click here This story will always make me laugh. 1595535388 "And then a 12 year old reached for the mic button" LOL!
  2. Buck-a-mile

    Was anyone else truely traumatized by the Floyd murder?

    I spent the first part of my working life in hospitals. I saw the stuff you see working in hospitals. I have never seen a man murdered over 8 minutes on TV by a monster. I think about the murder several times a day. That cop with his hands in his pockets, looking directly at the camera, while...
  3. Buck-a-mile

    Why don"t the. La Measa Police say "RUBBER BULLET"?

    That woman was not hit with a bean bag. It was a rubber bullet, possibly aimed. Bean bags spread visible and UV visable colors. I was hit with a bean bag in Santa Barbara at a anti war protest protest. 1970s. It hurts like hell. Knocked the wind out of me and spread yellow dust all over. I...
  4. Buck-a-mile

    Since the coodies, not many pax stories. Let me retry this one I messed up last year.

    I pick up two Marines after a reception. Both look fit for a recruiting poster. Both had a full chest of medals. When we got friendly, I said "Gentleman, I am very impressed by your metals". The guy that was obviously senior to his friend, and it was obvious they were good friends. Said "Not...
  5. Buck-a-mile

    Hungry and broke people need to go to work, BUT

    Hungry and broke people are going to do What they need to do to feed themselves. We can't get to that point. Everyone agrees. Our Federal Government is deadlocked. Our State Governments are broke. I think a collective consciousness decision has been made by all of us. Nothing said, but we...
  6. Buck-a-mile

    Fire season is next

    San Diego County fire is practicing near me. They bought 2 S70i Firehawk helicopters last year. Based on the Blackhawk. Beautiful machines. Do I like them practicing next door? I love they are familiar with my area.
  7. Buck-a-mile

    Fire season is next

    San Diego County fire is practicing near me. They bought 2 S70i Firehawk helicopters last year. Based on the Blackhawk. Beautiful machines. Do I like them practicing next door? I love they are familiar with my area.
  8. Buck-a-mile

    Being detained by the cops. To die, or not to die.

    Disclosure: I'm old, white, and my ex wife was a cop. I may know what they expect. I have made it through several minor brushes with the heat with no citations by using simple rules. Stay as friendly and cooperate as possible, even if you're busted doing something dumb. Never cop an attitude...
  9. Buck-a-mile

    I want to be sedated.....

    With apologies to the Ramones..... 90 to 360 days to go, I want to be sedated. Everything is locked down, no where to go. I want to be sedated. Get on an airplane trying to get home. I want to be sedated. Get on an airplane, your going to get sick. I want to be sedated. I hope a vaccine is...
  10. Buck-a-mile

    I got to do some cool stuff for coworkers.

    I was a principal computer systems engineer in charge of Consumer Hardware for the 17th largest corporation in the United States. We spent a lot of money with our vendors. They all wanted to come in and talk to the individual engineers. I wondered what can we get for us out of this...
  11. Buck-a-mile

    Anarchists forgot the smart street lamps downtown.

    Anarchists didn't know, or forgot the smart street lamps downtown. have pictures of all of them all.
  12. Buck-a-mile

    They hurt my city last night

    Why San Diego?
  13. Buck-a-mile

    Riot cops fist bumping and talking to the protestors.

    This is only the day shift of protesters. Once the real protestors go home, the criminals will come out at night. Then the excrement will hit the rotary oscillator.
  14. Buck-a-mile

    Are La Mesa Cops idiots?

    Right after George Floyd is murdered by police, they assault a young black man waiting for friends at the transit station. Then arrest him for assault on a officer. If they hadn't hastled the kid, he wouldn't have lightly pushed the cop. They had all ready ruffed him up. The bastards set him...
  15. Buck-a-mile

    What did you have to dump when Uber became dangerous, and not very profitable.

    No extra income, no extra goodies. Direct TV went first, on antenna now. Antenna is not bad actually. Amazon Prime. I'll miss that. You?
  16. Buck-a-mile

    La Mesa vs. L.A. during protest.

    L.A. just pulled back and lost police cars. La Mesa police are controlling the crowd so far. No damage so far, unless you consider getting hit with rubber bullets damage. We will see what happens. I used to live in La Mess. I'd hate to see it damaged.
  17. Buck-a-mile

    CVS has hand sanitizer in stock.

    It's in strange bottles you won't recognize. $4.00 for 6oz. It smells like really cheap vodka. I suspect it was made by distillery who has no bar business, and this is a high demand item. Good money.
  18. Buck-a-mile

    Anyone see Dara on the Today this morning (5/29).

    80% reduction in business. Uber has TV ads "Thanks for not taking Uber." He said contractors should have guaranteed pay among other things. "Uber will come back when the city comes back."
  19. Buck-a-mile

    Losing my hair and 2 teeth so far.

    Do you think it's the Lysol or the bleach I shot up?
  20. Buck-a-mile

    Excelent NOVA on coronavirus.

    Informative, as NOVA always is. Information on how China is tracking all citizens by cellphone. Keep an eye on the PBS schedule, they always rerun NOVA.