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    What is exactly the GST Turnover?

    If you receive $4000 into your bank account during August, is it your GST turn over for that month? Or, is it my gross income excluding any deductions such as UBER Fees, Booking Fees etc? Thanks
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    GST Input Tax Credit Entitlement

    If I pay $1238 to the TMR for my car rego for a year, am I eligible for a GST Input Tax Credit Entitlement? If so, how much would I be able to claim back? The follwing shows the break down. CTP Insurance for RACQ Insurance Limited $811.80 Dr Registration Fee...
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    Sell the car or use it to death?

    If you buy a brand new car, lets say a Hyundai Sedan for $16,000. You earn $130 per day after GST and Fuel 1) Do you use the car for UBER till 350,000 km, until the car becomes useless? OR 2) Do you wanna sell the car after about 100,000 km and buy a new car? Which one do you prefer?
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    Providing UBER services to family members?

    When my Dad wants to go to the train station, he requests my vehicle which is an UBER XL and things happen normally from there, he pays the UBER fair, I get the money and 5 stars and thats it. Is this allowed since he is a family member and lives in the same house as me? Thanks
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    Have you opened a business transaction account for UBER

    Have you opened a business transaction account for UBER so that the earnings and spending for your business can be tracked easily? This would come handy at TAX times ans also in GST. Could you recommend me a good bank as well? Thanks
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    5 Star count dont go up

    Hi Guys, Currently I have 457 - 5 Stars 24 - 4 Stars 10 - 3 Stars 3 - 2 Stars 6 - 1 Stars And my current rating is shown to be "4.85" by both the app and the website. Today I received 2 badges with 5 stars. But my 5 Star count hasn't gone up yet. This has happened for a long time...
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    GST on car registration

    In QLD, can we claim GST on vehicle registration fees? In our invoices, it doesn't include anything about GST charged? Thanks
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    How does the confirmation rate affect you?

    If a rider is 10m away from me and my confirmation rate is 0%, would he be paired with another driver who might be 2km away if his confirmation rate is 100%? But isn't it that the rider wants an UBER asap?
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    GST on purchase

    If I buy a car for $16,000 on 01/12/2018 and do UBER. Can I put it as GST on purchases at the end of this GST quarter which is 31/12/2018?
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    UBER sued for 500 million Taxi Drivers are suing the UBER for 500 million. If they come out successful, 1) Would UBER be banned from Australia? 2) How would it affect us? Thanks
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    Airtax Sync not working

    I have noticed that the AirTax sync process is not working for me from a couple of weeks ago. Is it the same for you guys as well? I am on my OCT-DEC GST page and the sync button is not working for me. Is there any website similar to Airtax? Thanks
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    New App glitches

    Most of the drivers say that the new UBER app has a significant amount of glitches. What have you got to say about this? Therefore for those who have not updated please go to this link to disable any automatic updates in your iphone. In this way, you can keep using the old version...
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    Maintaing the logbook for more than three months

    After three months of UBER, my logbook shows that my business usage is 92%. But if I keep on marking the logbook for another few months, I am pretty sure my business usage will go up to 97%. Is this allowable?
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    Change of business usage percentage

    What if I complete the uber logbook for three months and it shows a business percentage of 98%. And all of a sudden I could get a full time job and now by business usage is only 50%. When completing GST and tax returns, do I put 98% or 50% for the business usage of my vehicle? Remember that the...
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    Getting safety reports too often

    Each week, I get about 2 safety reports from passengers. Would this be a cause for a deactivation? Have you had similar experiences? Two is the maximum I have got so far for the last two months of UBER I have done. Thanks
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    Profit and Loss Statement

    Can a profit and loss statement be acquired through a 1) Income Tax Return or 2) BAS? Thanks
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    Loading Zone Full

    Tried to drop off a passenger at the casino hotel. The loading zone was full since there were two vehicles parked. What would you do in this kind of a situation? Thanks
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    GST and Income Tax deductions

    Can we claim these expenses for GST and Income Tax 1) Vehicle Registration fees 2) Driver's Authorization Fees 3) Booked Hire Service License Fees And any other costs incurred for the purpose of starting UBER?? Thanks
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    ATO and BAS

    Today ATO asks me to lodge my BAS for the period from April to June, the problem is I started UBER a month ago and my logbook is not yet filled for 12 weeks. Whats the solution for this? Thanks
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    Do you guys store fuel and other receipts online?

    Do you guys store fuel and other receipts online? They seem to fade so quickly. What I do is scanning all the receipts after finishing off my day and storing them in Dropbox. It takes just a few minutes only.