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  1. Marco Solo

    Crazed man jumps/crashes thru rear windshield right after pax enters car

    This happened on my DTS street just now. The FUber driver's pax had just entered the vehicle when, out of nowhere, a shirtless white male ran screaming at the back of the car. The man stopped a few feet short of the car, planted himself briefly as if on a diving board before jumping. Having...
  2. Marco Solo

    Uber and Lyft Said to Offer Drivers a Chance to Participate in I.P.O.s "...while Uber’s and Lyft’s full-time employees and investors own company stock that they can convert into cash after the initial public offerings, the millions of...
  3. Marco Solo

    What's the Viadoom been like for you so far?

    ‘The cars just disappeared’: What happened to the 90,000 cars a day the viaduct carried before it closed? Apparently, Viadoom was not so doomy...
  4. Marco Solo

    How ants sniff out the right route to navigate

    Actual science here in this short report, but the parallels to Uber anting are uncanny!
  5. Marco Solo

    What time on Mondays does Uber initiate automatic deposits?

    They changed it last year, then changed it back. If I want to grab it via Instant Pay so that I can use my earnings today, by what time do I need to use IP?
  6. Marco Solo

    FUber offering quest tonight: $55 for 10 trips

    Any 10 trips after 10 PM and before 0400 January 1...
  7. Marco Solo

    Rider app doesn't show 8 nearby cars anymore--including mine. Am I available to riders?

    i just upgraded to the new driver app today. I want to verify that my car is showing up as available within the rider app. Before, in the old driver app, I could ascertain that because I saw a car symbol, representing one of the 8 nearby ants, slide over to be superimposed on my car's blue GPS...
  8. Marco Solo

    Will be homeless Dec. 5; know of any houses with rooms to rent?

    (This post has been doubly approved by UberPeople) My landlord is not renewing my annual lease, and I need to find someplace to live by noon on 05 December. If you know anyplace that will take a retired, disabled veteran with 2 cats and only Uber income, I hope you will let me know. Because of...
  9. Marco Solo

    If I change cars, will I still get rematches before the new TNC sticker arrives?

    If I add a different car to my FUber account and get it inspected, will I still get rematches even though the new car doesn't yet have a TNC windshield sticker? If so, does the Port require a TNC sticker for rematches regardless? Will FUber apply for the new car's TNC sticker on my behalf (as...
  10. Marco Solo

    How late to drive on Thanksgiving Day?

    I'm trying to figure out whether to drive on Thanksgiving, and at what time I should quit. In your experience, do pax still request AP rides on the morning of Thanksgiving Day? I expect almost everyone who's traveling will have already left earlier in the week. OTOH, is the entire morning &...
  11. Marco Solo

    Renting through Hertz?

    If I rent an Uber-approved car through Hertz, will I have to apply for a new TNC permit & sticker for it before I can start driving?
  12. Marco Solo

    Uber moves into groceries

    Apparently, a Fuber marketing exec recently viewed "Soylent Green." This is doubtless made from puree of Ants.
  13. Marco Solo

    NY Times on whether (and how much) to tip Uber drivers "Surveying more than 2,600 active Uber drivers...found that the average median hourly income for UberX drivers, who made up 74.7 percent of respondents, was $13.70 an hour, not including tips. The...
  14. Marco Solo

    Trying to resolve shortchanged fares @ Green Light Hub?

    Fuber's in-app process for disputing fares is execrable, so I usually call Fuber to fix my fares. I have screenshots to prove Fuber is cheating me on distances, but no way to attach them in-app. Can the staff at the GLH make credit adjustments to our fares?
  15. Marco Solo

    Green Light Hub & resolving fare issues?

    Fuber's in-app process for disputing fares is execrable. I usually call Fuber to fix my fares. Can the staff at the GLH make credit adjustments to our fares?
  16. Marco Solo

    (FYI) Possible sources/tactics for earning extra money

    FWIW. YMMV. Also: 15 apps that can make you extra money
  17. Marco Solo

    Drivers' latest "scam": Forcing riders to cancel low-earning trips =================== "The 'scam' goes like this: Over the weekend, Kelly requested an Uber in New York City and was assigned a driver. But the driver never arrived and couldn’t be found at the...
  18. Marco Solo

    Fuber's new safety rollout will conceal pickup & dropoff addresses in trip history

    From Associated Press: "Going forward, Uber will conceal specific pickup and drop-off addresses in the driver’s trip history so that only the general area where a trip has started and ended will show up on the driver’s app, not the address."...
  19. Marco Solo

    Uber, Lyft suffering slowdowns in growth "The once-hot ride-hailing business is cooling down—just as the two biggest players are thinking about going public. "Revenue growth rates for the U.S. ride-hailing businesses of Uber and Lyft slowed this summer to their...
  20. Marco Solo

    New Uber logo + corporate propaganda

    (From another forum) "This week we’re unveiling a new company mission to employees, and we want to share it with you too—our partner in building this business: We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion. For you, this means we will always work to provide you with more and better...