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  1. AaronA

    Alcohol Deliveries

    Then an 18 year old reports that you coerced her to expose herself. No way Uber or the cops are going to take your side short of body camera evidence. Plus even if it was a legit delivery and someone hopped in a car and killed a family after drinking the booze, everyone would get sued Uber...
  2. AaronA

    Bad fares lately

    I saw my first $3.00 ping last night. I don’t recall seeing anything under $4 before. It was a 1.3 promo night though, again it is normally at least 1.4 in that area.
  3. AaronA

    Delivering on high-rise buildings

    Had this problem last night. Usually I work in a suburb with maybe 6 condo deliveries out of 150. I have been posted to another area for my regular job that has a ton of condos/apartments . I hit the online button last night after work and first order was to a housing apartment 10th floor -...
  4. AaronA

    Total Noob Mistake Last Night

    Total knucklehead move on my part last night, posted for mocking, and hopefully help prevent another new guy making the same mistake. Drop a customers McDonalds order and get another pick up immediately after. As I am picking up the next order, the customer calls me and says She only got one...
  5. AaronA

    App doesn’t know I am at restaurant

    True, my syntax was a bit off. Had i known an Uber forum would be policed by such sticklers as yourself, I would have put in more effort. I am sure Uber is very appreciative of your valiant defense of the apps ability to coordinate with GPS, and they compensate you appropriately.
  6. AaronA

    App doesn’t know I am at restaurant

    Well gee BigJohn, if it is a shortcoming of the GPS on my phone, imagine how I might inquire as to whether or not others experience the same issue to make such a determination ? If only there was a way to communicate with others with more experience than myself.
  7. AaronA

    App doesn’t know I am at restaurant

    This seems to happen more often than not, I can be standing in a restaurant waiting and the app is still telling me how to get there. This is WiFi on or not. Wondering if this is costing me tips or ratings. Based on what I see here is the answer to hit order isn’t ready if I am waiting...