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  1. Kemo1

    Current UberEats rates in LA?

    Anyone know what the current UberX and UberEats rates are for the LA market? Uber refuses to release that to me to dispute fares..
  2. Kemo1

    Moving to Orlando from LA good pay wise?

    I been driving both Uber and Lyft in the Greater LA Market for about 3 years now and I’m looking for a cheaper and easier life because paying $2,000 rent for a 2 bedroom is getting pricey here. I see Orlando and Jacksonville as options since rent is cheap but how is ridehsaring pay? I do it full...
  3. Kemo1

    Moving to Jacksonville from Los Angeles.. is the money good here driving for Uber?

    I'm asking if money is good because I'm used to making $250 bucks daily driving 10 hours and I usually drive 5 days a week which isn't bad but the demand in LA is bigger and it allows those numbers.. I notice JAX area doesn't have UberPool which is a killer for drivers in big cities but I don't...
  4. Kemo1

    Self Employed or Employees of Uber?? Better read this and find out yourself if you don't believe me.

    Many people know uber consider us drivers as self employed and they don't tell us how to work or where to work or when.. we'll as I came to find out this last 2 weeks.. Withtout you knowing, Uber is actually telling us how to work and pay close attention to the experiment I did.. UberPool and...
  5. Kemo1

    Uber Earning Boost is a lie..

    Uber new update apparently gives drivers more money by highlighting areas that have a boosted fare and drivers can get paid more.. What many drivers haven't notice is that if you get a ride within that area, Uber will charge 4x or more of the regular fee and that is how they coat that you almost...