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  1. Uber20/20

    Dasher class action lawsuit

    Dam Dashers, u guys gonna be rich collecting all those tips. Wonder how much is year worth tip. Anyone here work decent hour on DD, break out how much u make or on statement, written as tip a month. U guys probly get most tips that used by guranteed. So lucky u. GIZMODO.COM
  2. Uber20/20

    Figure this one out???

    Came to pick up and merchants telling me order already has been pickup. I speak with manager and he said "it's postmate's fault that giving out orders to 2 delivery guy" I think its his way of saying, we did not gave it to wrong person. F now I'm stuck here e mail postmate and mean while...
  3. Uber20/20

    PM promotion rocks

    1030am to 0130pm 9 for $90 5pm to 9pm 13 for $125. And tips are separate so u could make $215 a day real easy + tip, likely round up to $300. I did 8 in 2 hours this morning, before 1030am so I thought, maybe they'll give it to me today. NOT. No ping for 30 min then one ping after another takes...
  4. Uber20/20

    Uber & McDonald Protest TODAY

    No one here knew? Or just ignored? Wierd. Not seeing single line about this protest here. Not that u care right? 1558662364 GIZMODO
  5. Uber20/20

    Emergency Jump

    I'm at corner of Olympic & Bundy Chevron anyone near by with jump cable , help me out. Apriciate it with reward. Grey Prius. Thank u
  6. Uber20/20

    Background check (acct hold)

    My account being hold due to background check? Anyone have same problem? Drove 2 years and they holding my account while it comes back to see everything is ok? It only sound like they never had my background check in first place or ...? So every year when they check background, during that time...
  7. Uber20/20

    000 on wait list LAX

    What's going on? Something happen? Surge at 2 and 0 Uber X on wait list
  8. Uber20/20

    Question #1, #2

    3 consecutive trips promo If u start your first trip on 9am (request and accept at 9am, promo time zone 7am to 9am) and finish 3 in a row by 11am, do u qualify? Green hub in Cerritos closed? Would u tab on a screen to talk with support? I did lol
  9. Uber20/20

    ADVANCE DRIVER This article answer a lot of questions that posted here. Please educate yourself and know where u stand.
  10. Uber20/20

    LAX Parking Ticket

    Recently I've gotten 4 parking ticket on 98th st. 1. Fall a sleep and wake up with ticket at 825AM. Ok but other places they wake me up by knocking my window. 2. He drove by point at meter and I put quarter in smoke sit back in car as soon as meter runs out he drove by again walk up to my front...
  11. Uber20/20

    Apology note to Uber

    Please forgive me for low AR and CR lately. But I'm still having hard time accepting pings from 3 miles away at 1.3× pool when I'm sitting in middle of 2.5×. If u were in my shoe, I'm very sure u would hit 'NO THX' least three times before accepting because of AR dropping too low. I will accept...
  12. Uber20/20


    Last night I drop off female pax to NH from Ktown. Ride was good with little chat and found out I know some people she knows from her work. Problem is she left her phone in the car because it was getting chaged. I found out after driving few blocks away from her huge apt complx and made report...