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  1. Fuzzyelvis

    Waymo self driving trucks hit the road in Texas on the most dangerous road in the country

    I45 just got even more dangerous...
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    Another driver dead
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    uberconnect vs uberx

    I live about 16 miles from my real job. Probably 17.5 the way Uber has it routed. Anyway, I thought I might need to get an Uber and checked the prices earlier today. Now it's even cheaper (was $20.24). First, that's awful. Reminds me why I haven't had anyone in my car since November...
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    Lyft phone number

    I now have my SOs old phone (he had 2 and my phone died). I've tried to change the number for my Lyft account, but it thinks it is HIS account and when i go to do the email/online send them my ID etc. it freezes every time because it says the upload takes too long. I don't want to go change...
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    Any thoughts on the rodeo this year? maybe there has been some and I just haven't seen it but I've been sitting at home and been doing doordash and checking Uber every once in awhile and I haven't seen any surge. Usually there's quite a bit around the barbecue.
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    Uner rider help phone number

    Does anyone have this? My SO has 2 trips show up in his bank account. He canceled the card and is disputing the charges but now can't access his account. Trying to do it through the website is not helping as it wants you to sign in or send a screenshot of the error message etc.... I know the...
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    Uber losses keep growing as the ride-hailing giant scrambles to get its finances in order
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    Radio host Michael Smerconish talked about his rating

    Radio host....he found out he's a 4.67. And was asking on air if he could do anything for uber to raise it etc...give a class, bring cookies to their office type of thing (Eff the drivers!) Comes out he tips $1 in the app. Asks for a charging cord. Calls and texts before the driver arrives...
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    Florida's Potentially Deadly Autonomous Car Experiment is Just Beginning
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    Family demands ride-share changes after girl’s downtown Orlando suicide: ’Uber took my daughter past the point of no return’

    For you folks who think picking up minors is a great idea: how much shit do you think this driver is in?
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    Uber driver in coma, pax dead. Family and police looking at bar(s) involved.
  12. Fuzzyelvis

    Some pretty on target articles about why rideshare is not all its cracked up to be
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    Class action suit disabled vs scooters

    I hope they win this...
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    Ok, which one of you took this trip?
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    Why you don't transport minors I'd love to know if that driver has seen this story.
  16. Fuzzyelvis

    Lyft are you serious???

    Does anyone think this is possible? 75 trips in 3 days on LYFT? Why would they even think I would attempt it?
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    Bank deposit listed strangely

    So why does my Uber pay now say "refund"? From my bank below... Type: Deposit Description: Uber REFUND San Francisco CA Merchant name: UBER
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    So every time I write a long post...the reaction is ...

    Posting this anyway. I'm sure you can figure out who this is to. You think they don't owe anyone anything? You think their wealth is not bolstered by the work of others? What about those who inherited wealth and never worked? You don't think some of the wealth passed on from someone who got...
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    Another article about Uber's hurry, ignoring safety.
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    What fresh hell is this?

    So the diabolical new plan: get ants to go to where lyft wants them with no reward. Heat maps with no primetime of ANY kind.