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  1. charmer37

    Ride Costs Vs Drivers Pay

    I have a quick question, What would the drivers pay be for this 2.3 mile ride? I added a screenshot of the fare breakdown, Uber price for the ride is $12.39
  2. charmer37

    No weekly promotions

    Anybody in the Baltimore market not receiving any weekly uber promotions? The only time that it's really worth it to drive is Thurs, Friday and Saturday during surge hours, I don't really do to many base rate rides.
  3. charmer37

    Lyfy prime time

    Any lyft drivers in the Baltimore area see prime time on the map?
  4. charmer37

    Ubereats top complaint

    I was bored and delivered 2 Ubereats orders and when I looked at the top complaint for one of the customer's it was delivering to the door, The address was a apartment building bit the customer didn't write any instructions or after I called mention exactly where she lived, I had to laugh after...
  5. charmer37

    Booking fee increase in Baltimore and Greater Maryland

    Hey guys, It looks like Uber is finally increasing their booking fees...
  6. charmer37

    Passengers Ratings

    Hello uber peeps, I would like to know what is your cut off rating for picking up passengers? I like to pickup passengers 4.8. And above.
  7. charmer37

    Washington D.c. Booking fee increase

    Anybody have the update about uber increasing the booking fee? It looks like it will be in Washington D.c. excluding a few counties in Maryland. I think uber is loosing a lot of money on new driver sign up bonuses, It's crazy because when uber increase fees they always say it won't affect driver...
  8. charmer37

    Trip processing

    Anybody have any issues with completed trips not processing?
  9. charmer37

    Destination Filter

    Hello, I would like to know if the destination filter works in boost and surge zones or all trips using the filter are regular base rate rides? Thanks.
  10. charmer37

    lyft primetime map

    Hello, Anybody that drive in the Baltimore area understand the colors on Lyft prime time maps? Lyft is super slow and all I see is small areas in pink and so far never seen a area in red, Is it similar to uber as far as you have to be in the assigned area on the map to get prime time? It's so...
  11. charmer37

    Instant pay/Go bank

    Hello, I wanted know does uber offer instant pay/go bank in the Baltimore market? I notice the feature on ubereats but haven't seen it advertised for uber x, Thanks.
  12. charmer37

    Lyft vehicle inspection information

    Hello, I would like to know is Lyft vehicle inspections similar to uber? I just signed up with Lyft and the only thing I need to do is get my car inspected, Any info. On Lyft vehicle Inspections would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  13. charmer37

    Are there any lyft drivers in Baltimore?

    Hello, I need some info. from anyone who drives for lyft, I just completed my mentor session and now waiting for my background check to come back but I wanted to know where can I go to get my vehicle inspected for lyft and how much do it cost? Thanks.
  14. charmer37

    Lyft mentor session

    Hello, I would like some information how long it takes for a Lyft mentor to get in touch for scheduling a mentor ride session? I've been waiting for over a month and I haven't heard anything from a mentor, How long did it take you guys to get a Text or email from a mentor? Thanks.
  15. charmer37

    Why is it so hard to contact uber support?

    Trying to get in touch with uber is like almost impossible, I sent them a email a few hours ago and haven't heard anything yet, I notice all these gig apps don't have any type of phone support. I would like to know how long does it usually take for uber support to contact you?
  16. charmer37

    Free car inspection

    Hello, I would to know where can I find a free car inspection for uber? Thanks.
  17. charmer37

    Uber x and uber delivery

    Hello, I'm a uber delivery driver and I would like to know how do I sign up for uber x and uber black? Thanks.
  18. charmer37

    Postmates Schedule

    Hello, Anyone that work for Postmates notice when the new schedule is posted it's hard to to get a scheduled block? The schedule in my market just posted 2 minutes ago and they're all taken, Even if i'm not on a schedule i still get deliveries working for postmates.
  19. charmer37

    Going online issues?

    Hello, I just got approved and activated about 4 days ago and i signed up to drive for ubereats but after i log on i can't go online to work? I go online and the app quickly goes back offline with a message that's say... "Your vehicle is not allowed to operate in Annapolis"? I'm in the Maryland...