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  1. yankdog

    Your Minimum Criteria for your Quarantine Partner

    A certain disturbing reality has recently come to my attention. There are some of us in our community who may be forced to shelter in place alone, without the company of a Quarantine F*** Buddy. I find this...upsetting. Perhaps we may know someone who can assist a member of our community who...
  2. yankdog

    Thread about anything but the Coronavirus or Goddamn Bitcoin

    Anything dudes. Anything. Can't take it bro.
  3. yankdog

    New Amish Rideshare Company going public and tradeable on the NYSE
  4. yankdog

    Unified Anti-Communist Bitcoin Bullshit Thread

    I just thought we needed yet another thread on these subjects, hopefully unified. It's easier if I have one thread to ignore rather than a bunch. Yours in Stalin, YD
  5. yankdog

    Uber takes it in the ass in day 1 of the IPO

    Yes there are lots of threads on this topic but this deserves it's own post Down 7% on day 1. Suck it while making eye contact and cradling the family jewels Dara. And Lyft isdown over 41% since...
  6. yankdog

    The bullshit video from Uber today...

    ...that details my "career" with Uber made me laugh. It's bullshit because it fails to capture my own feelings. The minute long video would have been more accurate if it showed John Holmes bending me over the hood of my own goddamn car. Kiss my fat hairy ass Dara you piece of shit.
  7. yankdog

    On 4/27 it may surge more than usual

    With all those drivers taking their bonus money to the block in Baltimore Street
  8. yankdog

    Thank you Koyotemohn for your inspirational training video

    It is slow this week so I asked one of our more successful drivers koyotemohn to share with me a video of him inspiring other driver's to succeed. I must say he employed some unusual methods but it helped me reach $175 today despite how slow it is. Here is his fantastic video. While it is...
  9. yankdog

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Dara

  10. yankdog

    Do you rate pax lower based on demographics and likelihood of tipping?

    I have heard several times recently from other driver's I talk to as well as well as one Uber driver who drove me as a pax that they rate certain demographics or groups lower based on their likelihood of tipping alone. One rates all pax under 30yrs of age 1-3. Another told me they rate some...
  11. yankdog

    Martha Stewart was less than impressed with her first Uber ride
  12. yankdog

    Thank you to our DC area Veterans

    Monday is Veterans Day. As some of you know, I have lots of veterans in my family both on my side and my wife's side. I've been thinking about our family losses over the many decades that I have known, heard about, or read about in our geneological research going back to the Revolution. I...
  13. yankdog

    Where is the most unusual place that you have shuffled?

    It dawned on me this morning that I've shuffled in some very unusual places, some as a result of my app coming on without permission which I've posted about before. These are all shuffles I've received a cancellation fee for: 1. A bar at closing time (5 shuffles) 2. A cigar shop I frequent...
  14. yankdog

    I get one promotion when I'm in metro DC and another when I am in Baltimore

    Most of you know I split 50/50 Baltimore/BWI and DC metro. This week I have 40/$70 in metro DC and 15/$17 when I'm up north. I've never seen this before. Has anyone else experienced this? Luckily some rides count for both. I'm just curious I've never seen it.
  15. yankdog

    I don't know many driver that do not "bend the rules"

    I was thinking this morning that I don't know many drivers who play this game precisely the way LUBER expects us to. Almost everyone I know, including the new drivers I've met, either longhaul, shuffle, cherry pick, etc. I know two drivers who play it straight and one doesn't need the money...
  16. yankdog

    Where do you take a shit in Baltimore late at night?

    I will eventually post this in the Bawmer board also but some if you drive there too. So in the middle if the night,where in Baltimore are ideal places to drop a deuce without getting arrested or shot? Currently they call me "Norm" when I exit the Royal Sharts bathroom by the airport
  17. yankdog

    How can you check your home region?

    I'm a DC driver but suspect they might have switched me to DC or Greater MD. I RTFF but didn't see how I can check to see if they switched need. I'm getting credit for rides toward my binus if I pick up anywhere in the two states and DC which is new.
  18. yankdog

    Driving long hours and constipation

    I was dropoing off this pax at the airport yesterday and I overheard an interesting conversation. A woman was leaving an Uber and she spoke to the driver and said that constipation is a problem many drivers who see her experience. She then recommended a stool softener, stop eating fast foods...
  19. yankdog

    Quantifying how often we shuffle

    I've talked to a lot of pax and drivers about this so I thought it would be interesting to quantify a bit how much people shuffle on a full work day on average if at all.
  20. yankdog

    An open letter to Dara about passengers dropping a deuce during trips

    Dear Dara, Putting aside for the moment that you are a lying, deceitful gaping @@@@@@@ for just a moment, I believe you need to hear about a growing problem in the DC and especially Baltimore areas. And you don't even need to invite me to participate in your bullshit driver forum either. As a...