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  1. Merc7186

    Saddle Up! Students Return Aug 1

    It's sad....this past weekend would have been circled on my calendar and now it has no appeal to me. While I am not concerned about myself had I gotten covid but those around me that are high risk. Think about where most of these kids that are staying in dorms are coming from...areas worse...
  2. Merc7186

    Insurance for Deliveries?

    There is no insurance in upstate NY for ride share or food delivery or Amazon, etc. You literally run the risk that you don't have any incidents while you are out driving. In my 3 years of anting...I had been Hit n Run twice and spun my car twice on icy roads without damage. I also used a...
  3. Merc7186

    Anyone getting ready to start again?

    Make sure you are pulling up with doors locked everytime. You can solve all issues through a car window instead of an open side door.
  4. Merc7186

    Anyone getting ready to start again?

    You can all have it too....I started a new job 3 weeks and the huge bump in pay was enough to completely take the gap from what I was previously making in salary plus Uber money, without all of the gas expense and wear and tear. I said I wasn't going to come back until college kids return and...
  5. Merc7186

    Uncle Mercs Story Time Thread

    Anyone else who is sitting out the epidemic nodding that their car is going to shit because of non usage? LOL The Beast is literally smoking now when I drive it. I need to get the radiator replaced but now have a leak coming from the thermostat when I stop, fluid is hitting the top of the...
  6. Merc7186

    Anyone getting ready to start again?

    Ill do you one better...not even considering it until school starts back up at the end of summer. I want this crap to really burn off before i even consider anting again. Plus, I have pulled off the rare feat during these crazy times by landing myself a new job. I got the job offer...
  7. Merc7186


    Anyone who submits a detailed 1099A with deductions other than loan interest has a higher chance of being audited than the normal 1099A applicant.
  8. Merc7186

    Corona Virus = $$$

    Im not taking the chance because my mother in law will be moving in with us in May and she just got over back to back cancer episodes. Also, the lack of activity has made the beast get old quick too. I am now squirting antifreeze out near my thermostat onto the engine, causing it to smoke...
  9. Merc7186

    Once this stupid pandemic is over

    Airfare is so cheap right now, I am going to take the trip to Italy that I always wanted. Side Note, My Mother drove back from Florida (to NY) and she said that the Florida/Georgia state line was backed up because police set up a checkpoint at the border. Only a matter of time before other...
  10. Merc7186

    Deactivated and terrified

    I am curious...what help were you looking for? You said you husband knowingly made a decision that he knew that was going to get him released, so what additional help could he assumed he was going to get?
  11. Merc7186

    States with stay at home orders

    Anyone who goes out now, especially in a Stay At Home state is just irresponsible and reckless. Its not like you can go out there and clean up because the amount of rides has also dropped way off too. Why would you be out there making less than $15/hr (before expenses) and putting yourself...
  12. Merc7186

    This is bad.

    I dont know why you guys are all freaking out...Trump tweeted in ALL CAPS last night that will all be over in 15 got to trust the guy, he has never lied to us before, right???
  13. Merc7186

    Anybody experiencing this?

    That's a strong are doing it right.
  14. Merc7186

    Uber & Lyft Are Dead

    The fact that you are surprised that the amount of ants has significantly decreased scares me more than the virus.
  15. Merc7186

    Corona Virus = $$$

    So no one has any weekend U/L stories? Boy, you guys are borrring.
  16. Merc7186

    Corona Virus = $$$

    If you need a source of income, call your local food joints and bars...ask them, do you need a delivery driver. Fuq all of the food delivery services and their high fees. Make a deal with a place and help them be more viable. The place I get my pizza from, I talked to the owner last night...
  17. Merc7186

    Corona Virus = $$$

    My ant coworker just sent me a message and asked if I was going to go out driving this weekend. Now, he knows full well that I drive exclusively Friday and Saturday Nights, when people are going to the bars....the exact same time he drives and asked if I was driving this weekend. LOL Idiot...
  18. Merc7186

    Clinging to Hope

    If you are banking on a scratch off ticket to help you make ends meet, you have already made enough bad decisions up to this point. Best to find another line of work.
  19. Merc7186

    Corona Virus = $$$

    I thought you were ant retired?
  20. Merc7186

    Corona Virus = $$$

    Rideshare is dead. I can only imagine ants out there fighting to get a single ping per hour...and most happy to do it too.