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    Apologies in advance. Hope you fellas can take a joke?! ?

    Trailer for new movie hitting cinemas this Summer. “Every Journey Matters” Staring: YellowVestsUk Volkswaber Cameo by TheFixerOfBigWashers
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    Question about using the word “Uber”

    Relatively recently, Uber reached out to all the YouTubers with effectively a cease and desist notice. @CabbieOO7 himself had to rename his channel because of it. Same with Asif, new name “Ride with Asif” and a few others that choose not to recreate their channels after they were forced by...
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    Within, within, within, within, within, within.

    Rebecca Lowe, Uber Stooge.
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    Hope @uberluxbod can take a joke?

    Some archive footage from his Ambulance driving days. Sorry I couldn’t resist. ??
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    The only way to beat The Knowledge :-)

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    The end of an era

    For those that were in the know... Two minutes silence to commemorate the passing of the finest Uber exploit to ever exist. As of this morning the ability to discover the rider’s destination is no longer possible on iOS. Goodbye dear friend... you will be grately missed :’-(
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    Important changes to cancellation fees

    Updates to cancellation fees and wait times We’re getting in touch about some changes to cancellation fees and wait times that will help us work better in the cities we operate in. What are we changing? From Wednesday 14 March, the amount of time you need to wait in order to receive your...
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    Carte Blanche to insist on learning destination before starting trip! According to Jessica Phillips at Uber, we should confirm the passenger's destination BEFORE starting the trip. I guess Uber can't exactly discipline drivers for cherry picking now. We can simply say that we were working to...
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    Self-driving cars face a new test: Snow Driverless vehicles Self-driving cars face a new test: snow Autonomous vehicles must overcome technical difficulties to manage winter weather Winter weather is problematic for the cameras and sensors that autonomous cars use to...
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    Driving Time Now Limited To 10 Hours Max

    Why did Mods delete this thread?