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  1. Uberingen

    Got ticket, got proof(ish) I wasn’t fully at fault what to do?

    Hi all, I got a ticket for disobeying no u-turn sign In my defence the no u turn sign was 4 poles behind the intersection and there were no no u turn signs were present at the intersection (ie: not in the lamp posts nor traffic lights next to me and neither at the ones across). I had exited...
  2. Uberingen

    First Lyft Challenge ever, nailed it :)

    Last week I asked someone on the forum to send their ride challenge my way if they don’t like it and the rideshare gods replied to my prayer. Not much but still anything extra is good for the bottom line. I completed 47 rides, before my weekly with Lyft trips were less than 30, so their...
  3. Uberingen

    Fire in Missisauga

    Smoke was visible from Toronto dt area.
  4. Uberingen

    Just got invited to Uber’s Summer Getaway Event

    I got the email just today, glad I am one of the dedicated drivers for them... Wait, what, check out the event date. They are sending the invite 1 month after the event, classic Uber, eh?
  5. Uberingen

    You can’t beat this tip amount, in your face!!

    Don’t think that it was accidental either :)
  6. Uberingen

    Darwin Award Nomination of this Cyclist Awarded by the Police!

    Bicycle riders sometimes behave like pedestrians, sometimes cars, sometimes bikes, and sometimes just suicidal...
  7. Uberingen

    Some love from our taxi cousins...

    They be lovin’ us :) Taken in front of Union Station.
  8. Uberingen

    Can riders know what we rated them?

    I’ve been driving for a while and still not sure of it, because everytime I give someone other than a 5 star my rating also goes down after a few more ratings (karma¿). What is the curent situation on this -the forum has conflicting answers. 1. Can the pax know what we rated them? 2. When...
  9. Uberingen

    Meal & HST

    Forgive me, I know similar topics were discussed before but no clear answer for this case. I read that you might be eligible to write off meals if you travel to a “far away” city. So: 1. How much in kms is far away according to HST and income tax laws? 2. You have to eat at least once in 12...
  10. Uberingen

    Slowest day of the week in Toronto is...

    I say it’s Tuesday, use the poll please.
  11. Uberingen

    Be nice to the people who find your wallet...

    I picked up a 20+ girl and we had a nice chat throughout the way, said she was going to become a veterinarian, how it was great to be helping them, etc etc. She was working part time at a book store too. So an educated, book loving, kind Canadian, eh? I dropped her off at her location then...
  12. Uberingen

    Shell has 0.04 discount per liter w AirMiles

    As the title says Shell has 0.04 discount per liter with AirMiles Card. Although their prices are usually higher, makes sense on weekends if you habe to buy gas.