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  1. Charlie Schwartz

    whither lyft?

    lyft app not working today. restart, uninstall, no dice. is lyft down today?
  2. Charlie Schwartz

    Laguardia vs citifield

    This is a decision we all have to make. The obvious advantage of citifield is no waiting in the lot. However this changes when there is a surge so you dont need to go to the lot. The disadvantage of citifield is that it's farther from the highways (though this is irrelevant when there's traffic...
  3. Charlie Schwartz


    Is it just me, or have I been getting more tips lately due to all the publicity going on around tips with "Uber soon to add tipping option" and Lyft's ads. I feel as if Uber riders are getting the message that tips are not included in the fare.
  4. Charlie Schwartz

    tlc summons moving violation - what to do?

    i was pulled over by a tlc cop for unsafe lane change due to my cutting across 4 lanes to get to battery tunnel. i do this (lane changing) all the time and was unaware it was even grounds for anything (in some places, such as by park row, it even seems to be expected, no?). i have witnesses who...
  5. Charlie Schwartz

    taxes: Where to deduct sales tax and bcf

    uber seems to include taxes in our 1099 figures, which means they need to be deducted. where is the best place to deduct them. is there some leeway or is there only ONE acceptable line to use for this deduction on the schedule c. because i've seen ppl say "deduct it HERE" but i'm not sure if...
  6. Charlie Schwartz

    pool pings not showing surge/boost?

    has anyone else noticed this? its been going on for a while, i will get a pool ping from a boost zone with no multiplier attached to the ping. sometimes a similar thing would happen in a surge zone, but in that case there was no way to prove it. few days ago, accepted the surgeless pool in surge...
  7. Charlie Schwartz

    4.97 pax

    I was near a surge zone yesterday and got a request from outside the zone. 3 min away, couldve easily been surge if it was a different direction. so i normally would've ignored it. but something caught my attention: the rating. ive seen 5 star pax (probably their first ride), but i think 4.97 is...
  8. Charlie Schwartz


    There seems to be somethin wrong with laguardia today. I wasnt getting put 0n q by uber, so i wemt to marina lot. still not on q. same prob with lyft. mysteriously, lyft is showing the lots in their old locations, but the directions still lead to the marina lot. bye bye lga
  9. Charlie Schwartz

    Pro tips on reducing cancellations

    Got this email from Uber today: Three common reasons riders cancel trips are: 1) Drivers are not driving in the direction of the rider, 2) Riders have difficulty locating the driver, and 3) Drivers request that the rider cancels. I am very grateful to the pros for pointing out to me potential...
  10. Charlie Schwartz

    Help - roommate smokes weed

    I just found out. His room has always had a very strong odor, and now I know what it is. Suppose we shared an actual room - which we don't, but it seems I inhale that smell for hours each day, so it's almost as if we do - what's the likelihood that I'll fail the drug test? I have abt 4 months b4...
  11. Charlie Schwartz

    Does Juno have a newbie algorithm

    or a sign up bonus? Now, if I sign up with them, and they have one or the other, I will need to be prepared to drive exclusively for them for a month or two, so this info should be useful
  12. Charlie Schwartz

    Doing yellow with bad driving record

    Lets say theoretically i was denied an uber rental due to having too many accidents. so i'm buying a vehicle of my own, but what can i do in the meantime? will yellow garages rent to me? what about green?
  13. Charlie Schwartz

    Finished being a newbie, time to celebrate

    So today I finished my 160 ride sign up bonus for Lyft. Today was the first day since I started Lyft that I spent 9 hours straight (or, indeed, 2 hours straight...) without leaving Manhattan. Made $250, with no tolls. Definitely no Jersey trips, which were every other one for the past month...
  14. Charlie Schwartz

    Uber upfront pricing coming back to bite them

    As we all know (or should know), Uber's upfront pricing charges more to pax than it pays to drivers. This is because (as the rideshare guy proved - google "how to beat ubers upfront pricing") Uber calculates upfront pricing based on the least efficient route. Heh heh... Had pax today on Lyft...
  15. Charlie Schwartz

    Anyone use Lyft with a tablet?

    Tablet (android) works fine with zuber, but with Lyft - about 50% of the time I cannot contact the pax. I try using hangouts, then I try entering the number on my phone - no success. My phone is completely separate from my tab and always will be, since it is a flip phone. My flip phone's number...
  16. Charlie Schwartz

    Pulled over, first time

    It was for running a stop sign (southbound 125th st exit of henry hudson parkway). I may have crept forward at 2 mph for about 10 seconds before crossing. Or maybe I really stopped and the police is wrong. But I was definitely extra careful. I reckon I've learned my lesson here. Also, I will be...
  17. Charlie Schwartz

    Deductions - NOT mileage

    I rent a car for uber. In nyc, thats over 400 a week. So I plan on deducting rental fees and gas instead of mileage. I only use the car for work, but how can i prove that? How can the IRS disprove it? I don't track mileage because i found i was just lumping all the days work into one "trip" "for...
  18. Charlie Schwartz

    Deducting rental fees for IRS

    And gas and stuff... If i say I only use the car for business use, and this is 98% true, they going to want evidence? If I'm wanting to deduct not based on mileage and they don't believe my claims of 100% business use, what alternative figure will they use. I find it impossible to use mileage...
  19. Charlie Schwartz

    Juno sign-up requirements

    So, anyone know what the requirements are for Juno these days? Last I heard it was either 4.6 or 4.65 or 4.7 with Uber and slightly more with Lyft. How many rides do you have to give before your rating counts? (Juno Official if you're still around)
  20. Charlie Schwartz

    Huh? How to contact uber?

    So, no more email support, as we all know. But now, apparently, no more in-app support either. The option "I have another account question" seems to have been removed. I fear the Greenlight locations are next. For the record, I am trying to figure out how they expect us to upload two...