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    Beware pick-ups from Claremont Nightclub Bay view Tce,

    As I arrive girl messages if its okay for us to stop along the way so she can vomit. WTF!
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    Didi navigation terrible!

    Didi's maps and/or navigation is really bad and embarrassing.
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    Didi netting the Uber Dregs.

    As we found with Ola in the beginning, there's no visible rating of pax at request so it's a stab in thr dark. Am finding so many Didi jobs are short, and I mean walkable trips. Pure laziness. At least we have our 3rd world brothers and curry munchers to down rate short trips so we can...
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    Didi Welcome Pack... NO stickers

    Great, promotional cards, and every other thing but no Driver stickers. Wtf
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    Didi pay,cut off time and no flex pay.

    After becoming used to flex pay, struggling like hell financially. doing didi early in the week is a problem. Also hearing some bad reports about their commission going up to that similar to uber after the early bird, honeymoon bullshit.
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    Uber we want to see EARNINGS not F... ING Points

    Now there is no option to see EARNINGS instead of points. I don't give a stuff about points. Points to get discounts at already overpriced company's. Time to look into didi.
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    Kung Fu Fighting Hong Kong Style.

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    Points shown instead on Earnings

    Uber I really couldn't give a damn about points for Gold or whatever BS incentives. I JUST WANT TO SEE EARNINGS FF SAKES!
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    Worldwide Protest Against Uber

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    Worldwide Protest Against Uber.

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    As Hard as we Try.

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    Nelson St waiting area considered Airport Queue

    Couldn't uber have done it better, when you're close to the Waca area where they've designated a waiting area for pick ups from the donut stadium coming over bridge you get told to 'leave the waiting area' to get requests. WTF.
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    Acceptance percentage different to Decline percentage.

    You can accept 50 jobs and see your rating go up 2 percent but by gosh when you ignore a few requests it drops back very quick. Uber needs to explain how the scale percentage wise declines as compared to acceptances. They are such a deceptive snake of a company.
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    Acceptance ratings

    Why should we be penalised for not accepting a 4.2 rating? I've noticed a few decline acceptances, your 'acceptance' percentage drops. But it seems to take a hell of a lot of acceptances to get that rating back up. I'm out to provide a service, but also have to make the mother of all evils...
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    Passenger asked me to drop them at Virgin valet lounge Uber X

    Picked up a lady in the city tonight and when I dropped her at the Virgin terminal she said oh I want to go to the Virgin lounge as in Sydney they have a valet drop off for the Virgin lounge and I thought to myself, you have ordered an Uber x and you expect a valet drop off at the lounge. Does...
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    Uber waiting area Rage

    There seems to be a lot of aggressive behaviour by curry munchers in the parking lots at airport. Becoming just like taxi drivers.
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    1st Pool job and last one.

    What a nightmare. The next pool job/jobs will be cancelled. Pain in the arse. 3 city pick ups, 3 city drop off's. WTF!
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    Even the best riders, Rate 4.

    When a tip is given, change rating to 5
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    What's this points Rubbish?

    What? Gain points to get to platinum or gold so you get more discounts at places that are already a rip off like caltex, super expensive Chinese shit auto, car washes etc.