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  1. Merc7186

    Cash Ride in the early morning from FLL to MIA

    Hello Fellow Ants. Anyone up for a cash ride between airports on Thursday April 9th at 6am? I am flying solo with zero bags, literally walking off plane and into a car, on way to pick up rental. Requirements: Speak English Tons of Bottled Water (LOL...just kidding) Hit me up.
  2. Merc7186

    Well, You Asked For It...

    More reliable surge starting September 16th. Flat Fee Surge. I am not sure which one of you morons asked for it but here it is. LOL I was thinking of patching up my minivan to keep it going but I see the End of Days here. I will play with it and see if there is a way to make it work but...
  3. Merc7186

    Taylor Made Shuffle

    So tonight I was having a slow night until I caught a 2.0x XL ride going about 18 miles away from downtown, headed towards my house. After I dropped the pax, I figured that it was time to head towards home and call it a night. Two minutes later, I get a Lyft XL request, 6 minutes away and in...
  4. Merc7186

    Motion Sickness Morons

    Why in the holy hell do idiots who get motion sickness get in the back seat??? 3 times last night, I had to hear some complain that their motion sickness was kicking in. Why not just ask your friends, Hey, I am a weak willed person and get motion sickness, mind if I sit up front??? One girl...
  5. Merc7186

    Uber Pro Threads

    Why the heck are there so many threads from people complaining about Uber Pro??? If you can not see that it is the Carrot Leading the Donkey scenario....then YOURE THE DONKEY. Uber Pro On.
  6. Merc7186

    MAY FUNG was May Funny

    So I was about 5 minutes away from dropping off a XL load at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls (kids going over the border to drink) and a stacked ping two blocks from drop off. So I get to pick up location and it is 3 chinese nationals, only one spoke a minimal amount of broken english...
  7. Merc7186

    Happy 2nd Birthday U/L

    So for those of fortunate enough to live in Upstate NY, we are coming upon the 2nd anniversary of ride share being available in Upstate NY. For those of you confused, when people in the state of NY flush their toilets, it goes down into the sewer known as NYC. Everything north is Upstate...
  8. Merc7186

    Uber Video of You

    Did anyone else get a stupid Uber video lino on their driver app that they can share with pax? I dont care if I drove people from 26 different countries or that I had a 5 star streak of 111..... By the way, do you know what a score of 111 in bowling is called??? The same thing this video...
  9. Merc7186

    Arguing with the Millenials

    So last night, I only had to argue with one set of Millenials who "knew how this works". I pull up to building, wait 3 minutes and three girls walked out. I instantly tell them my name and ask who they were....standard greeting. Instantly from them "Who are you picking up?". As it was my...
  10. Merc7186

    Dyngus Day in Buffalo

    In case any of you guys were thinking this may be a St Patricks Day Lite, I will save you the trouble. Parade ends around 5pm ish, so you may a get a ride or two from the central terminal area (where a lot of people will be ejecting from all at once). Then short hops to and from that area for...
  11. Merc7186

    Lyft Driver Removes Pax From Vehicle Kudos to you Sir. People want to get into our cars and act like animals for these extremely low fares then want to play the victim. I hope he had a dash cam and could release...
  12. Merc7186

    Ubers April Fools Day Joke

    $3 and $4 quests for morning rush hour, afternoon rush hour and Friday Night. All I see is non stop ants lining the roads. Is there something going on this week that I am not aware of?
  13. Merc7186

    Lyft's Carrot on a Stick

    In playing the game of Lyfts Ride Streak, I had two quick, short rides and needed one more for a 12 dollar ride streak. Before I finished the second ride, I got another ride added into my queue and thought, Good then I wont be tempted to turn on Uber and potentially end the streak....then it...
  14. Merc7186

    Action Required

    So this weekend is THEE biggest weekend here in Buffalo. St Patricks Day weekend is literally a 2 day free for all because of our good sized Irish population in South Buffalo. Saturday there is a parade in another Irish neighborhood called the Old First Ward then on Sunday is the main Buffalo...
  15. Merc7186

    Uber or Lyft....That is the Question.

    To Uber or not to Uber, that is the Question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the surges or cleaning fees of outrageous fortune, or take pings in a sea of ants and by opposing end trips early. You get the idea... I was thinking about this last night after I had cancelled my second...
  16. Merc7186

    Uber Driver in NYC makes $6000 per month, A Day In The Life|finance|headline|story|&par=yahoo&yptr=yahoo As if it isn't ant infested enough all over the country, CNBC puts out this "feel good" story of guy who is doing okay and enticing...
  17. Merc7186

    Driving Ban for Dummies

    Gather around millenials and let Uncle Merc drop some education on you. A DRIVING BAN means that you are not allowed to drive, unless you are considered emergency personnel. Uber drivers are not considered emergency personnel. So at 9pm tonight, the City of Buffalo issued a driving ban for...
  18. Merc7186

    Auto Zone Discount

    I buy all of my car items from Auto Zone because they have a location that is on my way home from work plus a Hub location in my town that is 24 hours. So if you look on the Perks section of your account, there is an area for Car Maintanence. In that section, there is this promo for Auto Zone...
  19. Merc7186

    Does the Band play any requests???

    ...feel free to ant in my neighborhood. This is what we call a Snow Band. No, it does not take requests...but it does dump 1 to 2 inches of snow per hour. Its also 14 degrees outside with 16-20 MPH winds. This is how we ant. :)
  20. Merc7186

    Uber Elevate Air Taxi Program Takes Off At CES

    Uber's air travel partner unveils its air taxi at CES Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg | Getty Images A man checks his smartphone while standing among illuminated screens bearing the Uber logo. Uber is using CES to promote its vision for a future of on-demand air travel. The ride-hailing company...