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  1. Marco Solo

    2010 Toyota vans on surplus, currently cheap

    Too much for me right now. I'm living in a homeless shelter. But at least I just got approved for Social Security Disability Insurance--so I will soon have an income again.
  2. Marco Solo

    Need Help With Rematch

    Yes. I've received rematches (for the AP) after dropping pax off there
  3. Marco Solo

    Street nuts really have it out for us lately

    KOMO missed many details. See my report, "Crazed man..."
  4. Marco Solo

    $40+ per hour in Seattle possible?

    Except for his loathing to pay (any) taxes--which is what got him arrested years back. I don't think he's earned enough yet to pay off the back taxes, interest & fine yet...
  5. Marco Solo

    Crazed man jumps/crashes thru rear windshield right after pax enters car

    The poor driver lives in Everett and has no way to get home. 1564543653 Luckily, my building's security video proves the incident is not the driver’s fault.
  6. Marco Solo

    Crazed man jumps/crashes thru rear windshield right after pax enters car

    This happened on my DTS street just now. The FUber driver's pax had just entered the vehicle when, out of nowhere, a shirtless white male ran screaming at the back of the car. The man stopped a few feet short of the car, planted himself briefly as if on a diving board before jumping. Having...
  7. Marco Solo

    Low Rated PAX

    I specialize in AP runs (on X), identifying them in the afternoon via +45min. notices in my DF. My firm rule is to never, ever accept requests from pax rated lower than 4.7. Even if I get offered a +45min. ride, I will not accept anyone below 4.7. The key, as Dex constantly advises, is to never...
  8. Marco Solo

    This is a Cold Roast

    Wow--I wish I could get unicorns like those!
  9. Marco Solo

    $40+ per hour in Seattle possible?

    Sounds exactly like something said to Joe Mannix each episode by his secretary, Peggy.
  10. Marco Solo

    $40+ per hour in Seattle possible?

    "Happiness is a warm gun." -- John Lennon
  11. Marco Solo

    $40+ per hour in Seattle possible?

    Yes, $40/hr. is easily attainable--but not for an entire shift. I often make $50 (including tip) longhauling on just a single mid-afternoon AP trip at X rates w/o surge. I also can make about $100 in 2-3 hours in the morning doing back to back AP runs (deadheading back to my fishing holes)...
  12. Marco Solo


    Interesting! Thanks. 1562715656 Yes, I've already filed for SSDI (disability) and SSI (supplemental income). Should get their decisions in 2 months. If I file for Social Security now instead of at full retirement age (66), I will only receive 80% of my full benefits. That would cost me...
  13. Marco Solo


    Hertz rammed the charge through my credit union via VISA, despite my account having insufficient funds to cover the entire amount. I disputed the charge through my credit union, which nonetheless closed my account before the dispute was adjudicated.
  14. Marco Solo


    The state has declared me sufficiently disabled that I am deemed unable to work at a normal office job. My $195 monthly state disability check will disappear the moment I earn more than $200/month. That's my only income right now. Luckily it pays for my (10'x15') $131 storage locker, which...
  15. Marco Solo


    Can't drive because a whopping $1300+ (unauthorized) charge from Hertz prompted my bank to close my account when I couldn't pay off the resulting overdrawn amount. Closing my account also meant my credit & debit cards were closed--so I can't rent from Hertz. I had anticipated getting a small...
  16. Marco Solo


    Who was Philip K. Dick, Alex.
  17. Marco Solo

    Do tip jars work?

    Yes. Tip jars work. Working class pax are more likely to tip a few single dollars. Tourists (especially couples) entertained by your anecdotes and/or advice are very likely to tip $5-$20. Business travelers who tip usually do so in the app. I do not recommend placing the jar anywhere other than...
  18. Marco Solo

    Uber/Lyft striking back

    Cross-lake runs to Seattle present a golden opportunity to longhaul. If you're closer to 520, then wend your way to 90. If you're closer to 90, consider going south thru Renton or just taking 520. If it's after 3 PM, you can tell the pax that whichever route you're taking is to avoid long...
  19. Marco Solo

    Reactivated with Lyft, still waiting on Uber

    Congratulations. I hope things work out for you with FUber. If you have documentation of all that DOL/DMV has told you, I'm sure there is some state agency you can take it to that has oversight of it/them. Sometimes the office is called an Ombudsman, or Inspector General... As a former...
  20. Marco Solo

    Who else is planning to ditch ubering on 4th of july?

    The biggest money for me on JUL 4 (driving X) has always been longhauling from the fringe of the crowd, and blaming the long(er) ride on the extra congestion & streets closed by police. A single surge from DT to Redmond can net $60. Same strategy works well from Husky Stadium across the lake.