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  1. Stugotz790

    Earnings for this weekend?

    No I haven’t. I’m not on these threads anymore because I gave up Uber in March and probably won’t ever go back. Hopefully
  2. Stugotz790

    Earnings for this weekend?

    Drivers are still getting ride requests? I thought Uber shut down?
  3. Stugotz790

    LA Rideshare Driver Temporary

    I hope some undercover cops go on that page and solicit dumb drivers to give them a fine because what they’re doing is illegal.
  4. Stugotz790

    RIP 8/20/20. Official Uber/Lyft exit interview thread. Let's talk bros

    Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @@@@ Uber
  5. Stugotz790

    What are you going to do when U/L shut down on August 20th?

    Uber and Lyft still exist? Who knew.
  6. Stugotz790

    Discuss: What will be your signal that it is time to return to driving?

    I think my driving days are done honestly. You should all do the same and say “@@@@ you to Uber”. Unless you’re gonna treat Uber as your side @@@@@ and use her for a little extra cash. Uber should not be treated as a full time job anyways.
  7. Stugotz790

    UberMedics Trips! : o

    “Many drivers have asked us how they can provide help to those who need it during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Who are these drivers they speak of? I’m pretty sure most drivers have been asking Uber for years to stop decreasing their pay, but they ignore those demands.
  8. Stugotz790

    Breaking: Rioters have set an Autozone on fire near the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct. Just a preview for L.A.???

    I don’t know about you, but as a minority like the black people burning down an Autozone, I can ensure you that we don’t associate Autozone with NASCAR because NASCAR isn’t a sport that we even think about.
  9. Stugotz790

    We have uber and lyft by the balls, dont give in

    And I don’t see that $600 being extended, so once that ends, all the drivers are going to be back on the road and kill whatever business that exists.
  10. Stugotz790

    Uber is tempting you guys

    Wait what? Uber capped surge at 2.0x? When did this happen? Sorry I’ve been gone for months and didn’t really check UP.
  11. Stugotz790

    Anyone still driving in LA?

    I assume that it’ll get busy starting now. I was driving home on Friday at 5pm, the day when places began opening up in LA County, and the rush hour traffic looked like the normal rush hour traffic we were accustomed to. It looked pretty bad. Starting Monday, expect traffic to be back to normal...
  12. Stugotz790

    Bathroom break

    If you drive graveyard, why can’t you just pop a squat anywhere? No one’s outside and it’s dark. Lots of privacy. We’ve all been drunk and peed anywhere because it’s nighttime. It’s easy to pee at nighttime.
  13. Stugotz790

    Ubering in India , a model of So Cal?

    But I thought Uber drivers won’t supposed to discriminate based on cities/neighborhoods?
  14. Stugotz790

    How do you know if an apartment is a fake listing in L.A.?

    I don’t see why this listing would be a scam. $1,075 for a bedroom in Burbank seems (unfortunately) normal.
  15. Stugotz790

    Question for Black Drivers

    I’m guessing I’m the only one that read the thread title and thought this thread was pertaining to African American drivers 🤦🏽‍♂️ I don’t know anything about Uber anymore.
  16. Stugotz790

    Orange surge with no $ amount

    *Trump voice* Fake surge. It’s fake. Not real. Don’t believe it. Fairytale.
  17. Stugotz790

    state of CA. LIES about the drought

    Yeah I’m pretty sure the drought ended a couple years ago.
  18. Stugotz790

    I hate to break this to everyone, but...

    There’s a huge segment of the population that don’t even believe in vaccinations. Now that’s food for thought right there.
  19. Stugotz790

    Ways to Get More Tips!

    I think you just got lucky - no one’s tipping anymore because everyone is tight on my money. Also, all that stuff you bought + gas probably comes out to very little profit.
  20. Stugotz790


    The demise of Uber is near.