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  1. Steven Ambrose


    I have my full time job and work from home, but the cabin fever was aggravating me, so I decided to jump on Doordash. Grabbed my latex gloves and cloth face mask and decided to work a random Saturday in the Flint, MI area. Used only a quarter tank of gas and added on about 95 miles. Not...
  2. Steven Ambrose

    Cancellations on Sunday, 4 total

    This last Sunday saw a number of cancellations. One was where a rider was stuck in a hotel elevator... no joke, she kept ordering and I kept canceling after the clock ran down. One guy could not figure out how to stop using pin drop to save his life. Both times he was over 4 miles away from...
  3. Steven Ambrose

    2 hours and 58 minutes of earnings

    .... on a Thursday night. Did not even hit the 3 hour mark and I felt like I did not even try. Only a quarter tank of gas was used. Longest trip was 12 miles. It can be done.....
  4. Steven Ambrose

    I tossed a phone out for a crappy 1 star rider

    It happened last night. The rider literally spoke to me like I was dirt. She was rude and malicious. After 15 minutes of the ride and taking her BS, I said "Have a nice night", as she called me a "@@@@tard". I one starred her and proceeded to turn the app off. As I pull away, I realize...
  5. Steven Ambrose

    Looking for a full time job?

    I work for a company that has majorly ramped up their hiring and doubling the workforce. They are located in Pontiac.... you don't have to have any prior mortgage or financial experience and the sky is the limit for moving up and advancing professionally. This opportunity is great for those...
  6. Steven Ambrose

    Was this trip worth it?

    Takeaways on this trip... Positives: 1. No dead head miles. Trip started in Flint, with a 7 minute stop in Bay City, and came back to Flint. 2. Trip was smooth, very little traffic, mostly interstate driving on cruise control. 3. Tip was $ 40 cash. Negatives: 1. Trip was 101...
  7. Steven Ambrose

    I earned on Surge multipliers

    It happened this evening. I thought it was a glitch, but they came over as 1.8x and 1.3x. Don't ask me what dynamics were involved or how it happened.
  8. Steven Ambrose

    UberEats - Going to try it only 2night

    I work full time at a regular job and I am going to do UberEats only tonight, Friday, February 21. I do trips mostly, but I wanted to see how much I could earn on eats only tonight..... should be interesting. I will follow up. Last night, I had two deliveries it came out to be a...
  9. Steven Ambrose

    45+ minute trip.... informed rider I had to fuel up and all hell breaks loose

    This has been a banner week on Uber. Earlier this week, I had to kick out a rider for being a racist and homophobic dirtbag. Last night I got an overly entitled paxhole. While driving, I got a 45+ minute Long Trip request and I accepted it and at the time, I was 16 minutes away from...
  10. Steven Ambrose

    "Show me the money"

    Over the last several months, UberEats has been showing how much a delivery will give to the driver. "Earn at least $10" or something like that. This is great because it will tell a driver whether or not accepting a delivery is worth it. It would be great to get a similar item on trips...
  11. Steven Ambrose

    Kicked out a racist and homophobic rider yesterday evening

    Some of these riders have some real balls. Rider gets in my car and without skipping a beat, says "What's up, n word" I just look at him and say nothing. I start trip and realize this was going to be a 26 mile trip. In my head, I say "Oh sh*t!" This trip would be a long one, as it...
  12. Steven Ambrose

    Is Uber/Lyft killing your relationship?

    When riding as a passenger, a driver told me he was a full time driver. He also informed me that he burned through 2 relationships.... one with a lady and then another one with a guy. I asked how that could happen and he said it was because he was driving 10 to 12 hours a day. My...
  13. Steven Ambrose

    A tale of two drivers

    Me taking Uber as a passenger Tale 1: Heading to the restaurant.... I get in the car and the driver immediately greets me with a smile. Nice guy. Michigan native. Really good with a conversation. Told me about his Iraqi Freedom days and avoided political topics. Offered mints, water...
  14. Steven Ambrose

    I drove for this week only, was bored

    I had vacation from work this week and no where to go.... so decided to do driving. I was bored, what can I say? Now time to watch the Super Bowl.
  15. Steven Ambrose

    Proper rider etiquette

    Being a former driver and now being a rider, I think there are certain rules on the rider side that must be followed, that I know are not. 1. Communicate with your driver. When I take a trip to work, I will actually call the driver and let them know. Because it is 27 miles away and about 35...
  16. Steven Ambrose

    Lake County... what a Lyft mess!!!

    Here is what I have noticed about Lake County, which sits 30 miles northwest of Orlando. Trip origination is everything in Lake County, on Lyft and it is split between three markets with three extremely different pricing structures..... Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Ocala. Tavares, Mount...
  17. Steven Ambrose

    Driver profile picture did not match driver that picked me up

    I raised an unholy stink yesterday with the driver that tried to pick me up. I requested the Uber yesterday. It was obvious that the driver was a female..... no problems there and she appeared to be a middle aged woman. Driver shows up, car is a match, but the driver was male and...
  18. Steven Ambrose

    Agruments on the rider side between me and someone else

    It is clear that a Toyota Highlander is picking me up. My name is on the driver side. I have a picture of the driver that matches up. Their vehicle and tag # also matches up. This guy, someone off the street, is on something and he tries to enter my uber like it is UberHomelessRun. The...
  19. Steven Ambrose

    Had to educate driver on how to use Lyft/Google

    This poor guy had me as his 2nd rider ever. He is obviously an older gentleman and retired, which is no surprise in Lake County. I guess I did my good deed for the day. First, he was confused on the Google navigation and could not hear the turn by turn instructions. He was messing with his...
  20. Steven Ambrose

    Officially deactivated

    As many of you know, I officially stop driving for Uber in January. My new job more than covered my prior employment and any money I was making on the side with Uber. Today, I received a text message and email stating that my accoumt was deactivated due to me not updating my insurance. I...